バロング [barong] in Japanese.

Final Fantasy Tactics S


Stats: ATK15 (basic), ATK46 (+1), ATK92 (+2), ATK128 (+3), ATK145 (+4), ATK164 (+5)
Equip: grade-up result for Defender, Lanista, Mini Fighter, Raptor, Ravager, Warrior, Iron Giant
Buy: - (sell: -)
Craft: Broken Fang, Iron Scraps x10, 850 gil
Craft (+1): Fake Crest x2, Albino Snake Skin x2, Iron Scraps x10, 850 gil
Craft (+2): Grey Hide, Great Serpent's Molting x2, Iron Scraps x20, 7,500 gil
Craft (+3): Rogue's Clothes x2, Gimble Stalk x2, Iron Scraps x30, 30,000 gil
Craft (+4): Deuog Gown, Gurnat, Iron Scraps x40, 150,000 gil
Craft (+5): Burnt Bone x2, Wyrmtwig x2, Iron Scraps x50, 300,000 gil
Obtain Recipe: basic, +1, +2, +3, +4, +5 (Reverse Federation of Nazan/Ruined Castle Gates boss)
Type: Greatsword, Grade: 3
Description: ??

Category: Equipment

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