Yeul's Confessions

Yeul's Confessions is a collection of bits of wisdom by the seeress Paddra Nsu Yeul. While the title seems to indicate them to contain something personal, the subject matter seems to be the nature of the world and its phenomena instead.

To read all of the confessions in the game, you must obtain the fragment items Etro's Sorrow, Pulse's Resolution, Lindzei's Desire, Mwynn's Tenderness and Bhunivelze's Sleep. It bears noting that each of the Yeuls that give the the fragments is from a different time period.

Yeul's Confessions

Etro granted the most selfless of gifts. Her power and strength flowed through the gate to the Unseen World, and with each passing second she drew weaker and weaker. Now the goddess sleeps within the Heart of Chaos. Should she cease to exist, then the power that she granted to humanity, the power that makes their universe whole, will disappear. When the sands of time run out on the goddess, so too do they on the world of man.

When the people of Cocoon first came down to the surface of Gran Pulse, magic filled the earth. Among the people, there were those who awakened to this power. I saw it happen. I saw time distorted and twisted. When the timeline was changed and history broken, fissures appeared in the wall that separates the spirit and the material. The crystal power that was once bestowed only upon the l'Cie was released, and it permeated deep into the soil. Now normal humans can spin enchantments and spells - if they know how.

The part of the humans we call 'soul' is a gift of the goddess. In all our hearts flickers a small piece of the chaos of Valhalla. From Valhalla, you can see every age, every timeline. I see the future because Valhalla lives in my heart. The Eyes of Etro is not a unique gift, reserved for the special. Every human who claims a soul can gaze into the future.

Our bodies are made of the blood of the goddess. Our souls are formed of the chaos which she bestowed upon us. The Farseers were an ancient people who embraced the chaos more than any other. They were Pulse's oldest tribe, and I was their seeress.

In the physical world, it contains within its form endless chaos. By the will of the deities, it gives birth to all things. I speak of crystal. The eternal dream world of the crystal lies within the Unseen World. Even the gods long to find their way to that place. In all crystal, the heart that shines mostly brightly is called Bhunivelze.

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