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The Sights of Jylland

Soaring mountains and desolate tracks of desert—you'll find all this and more in Jylland, the vast region that spans the continents of Loar and Ordalia.

When planning a trip, it's important to note that the Jylland calendar uses unique names for the months that make up the typical 240-day year.

Greenfire, Bloodfire, and Rosefire are the spring months. The eastern skies glow bright in their predawn light.

Coppersun, Goldsun, and Silversun, the summer months, are renowned for their brilliant skies.

Ashleaf, Mistleaf, and Emberleaf are the months of autumn. The turning leaves burn amber and gold in the dying light.

Plumfrost, Blackfrost, and Skyfrost are the winter months, when fields of snow shine brilliantly beneath the clear morning sun.
- —The Sights of Jylland, Expert


When you're hurrying from one place to the next, the last thing you need is to come across a road that's been blocked off. But sooner or later it happens, and there's no sense getting in a huff over it.

Times like that, I pass a few days walking back and forth, taking in the scenery - what else can you do? The road's usually open by the time I come back.
- —Patient Traveler

The Road Less Traveled

There are as many ways to travel as there are travelers. Even so, there are two broad groups into which most would fit: those who think getting there is half the fun, and those who only think about getting there.

To be sure, here are many joys to be had by traveling from one location to the next, stopping to smell the proverbial roses.

But when time is of the essence, it can be best to dispense with the details and tavel by area. Which you choose is up to you.
- —Traveler's Almanac

Slipping Time

There are places in Jylland that aren't quite…right. Not fully connected to our world, you might say. Step in, and in the span of a breath, a month has passed. A frightful thought, that.

Still, you could put a place like that to use, if you had a mind to.
- —Pub Patron

The Highest Bidder

Everyone knows that, these days, clans use the auction house to stake out their turf. But few remember how it came to be so.

Back in the day, clans would battle one another to settle their claims. Well, you don't need much of an imagination to know how that tune went. It was bleedin' chaos.

Walking wounded everywhere - bad for the peace. So the auction houses were set up to put an end to all that. Gave the clans a way to flex their muscle without lettin' blood.

The authority of the auction houses is recognized across Jylland, so clans that earn champion status over an area have tremendous influence.

Manage to claim all the areas in a region, and a clan becomes the region master. Not every day that happens, though. Been years since the last time. Always a big deal when it does!
- —Pub Patron


Watch enough auctions, and you start to learn how to read people's "tells": movements that give away what they're planning to do.

When they're going to play a 5-coin token, they let out a cry.

When they're going to play a 3-coin token, they strike a defensive posture.

When they're going to play a 2-coin token, they walk back and forth.

When they're going to play a 1-coin token, they get very pushy.

When they're going to pass, they shake their head.

If you can learn to read your opponents, you'll be sitting with the high rollers in no time. Not everyone has a tell, though, so don't rely on it too much. That's what keeps things interesting. Am I right?
- —Auction Aficionado

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