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Wonders (秘境 [hikyou] or 'unexplored region' in Japanese) are a specific type of ancient locations in Final Fantasy Tactics, found through various Errand-type quests. As Errands can take you far away from their originating city and considering how which Wonder you get from which Errand is randomized, it is impossible to determine the exact location of most of the Wonders.

By finding more Wonders, you raise your Adventurer rank. After finding all 31 different ones obtainable through Errands, you gain a decorative star on your game's Chronicle screen.

# Found Title
1 Level 1 Adventurer
3 Level 2 Adventurer
6 Level 3 Adventurer
8 Level 4 Adventurer
10 Level 5 Adventurer
12 Level 6 Adventurer
14 Level 7 Adventurer
16 Master Adventurer


Chocobo Forest
Crystal Tower
Floating Castle
Floating Continent
Fortress of Trials
Matoya's Cave
Mirage Tower
Phantom Train
Ronkan Ruins
Semitt Falls
Shrine of Chaos
Tower of Babel
Tozus Village


Below are listed all the Errands that a Wonder can be found in.

Adventurers Wanted
Ancient Wonder
Beddha Sandwaste
Cellar Dungeon
Fenland Mystery
Frontier Expedition
Frontier Marathon
Lake Poescas Depths
Lamzen the Adventurer
Merchant's Regret
Rain-swept Slopes
Second Frontier Marathon
Shadows from the Past
The Siedge Weald
Third Frontier Marathon
Trick of the Light

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