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In all fact, this race remains unnamed in Final Fantasies. The race itself consists of humanoid creatures with wolf heads - it's unclear if any other part of them is wolf. It is also unclear if they can transform into humans or full wolves and if they're born the way they are - the latter seems likely, at least in FF5 where a whole village of them exists.

In addition to the games mentioned below, werewolves exist as a monster in some games.

Final Fantasy V

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Final Fantasy VI

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Werewolves in Unlimited seem to be a different breed from those in FF5 and FF6. In their normal form they look much like humans, only with grey hair and wolf ears of the same color to go with it, as well as yellow eyes and a good sense of smell.
However, should one of them look into a mirror, they will transform into a full wolf, and will become capable of doing a strong breath/beam attack. Even in this form they retain their full wits about them and can still speak.

It is unknown from which world within the Wonderland the werewolves came from, and they do not appear to leave it much. The series features one werewolf, Lou Lupus, who hasn't seen a single other one of her kind ever since she left her home world.

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