Warriors of Light

The Warriors of Light (光の戦士 [hikari no senshi] in Japanese) are a group of warriors - usually four - destined to save the world. They are connected to the lore of the Crystals. Usually each warrior represents one of the Crystals – Earth, Air, Fire and Water, although this is not necessarily the case.

There is also the connected lore of the Dawn Warriors, four warriors who save(d) the world before the Warriors of Light came around, as well as the Warriors of Darkness who are bound to the Crystals of Darkness the same way the Warriors of Light are bound to the Crystals of Light.

Final Fantasy I


The four playable characters of the game. The characters are not predetermined, but you can choose yourself from six options - Knight, Monk, Thief, Red Mage, White Mage and Black Mage. The characters don't have names in the game itself1, you'll have to give them names yourself.

Also associated is a prophecy, called Lukahn's Prophecy:

"When darkness veils the world, four Warriors of Light shall come. If they cannot gather the shards of light, the darkness will consume all. The four Crystals will never shine again…"

However, this prophecy might have existed only in the world with the four Chaoses and the time loop. The ending of the game hints that in the saved world there are stories of the Warriors saving the world, but nobody knows where they came from - quite like nobody knew in the Chaos world where the Warriors came from.

See also Warrior of Light for the Knight's incarnation in Dissidia.

Final Fantasy III

Originally these Warriors were rather similar to Final Fantasy I's nameless characters. However, in the 3D-graphic remake they were given names and personalities. There is a discrepancy however, in that the Dissidia series doesn't use any of the Warriors present in FF3, but a generic representation of the nameless characters present only in the original version of the game.

In this game, there have been Warriors of Light before, the Crystals call them forth every time the power of Dark threatens to overwhelm the world. However, there are also the Dark Warriors, who the Dark Crystals call forth every time the power of Light threatens to overwhelm the world. This balance is crucial to the survival of the world.

The Warriors
Onion Knight (Dissidia-only)

Final Fantasy V

The four Warriors who appeared in order to save the world. During the game, Galuf Baldesion dies and is replaced by Krile Baldesion.
The Warriors of Light came after the Dawn Warriors, who only managed to seal away the evil instead of defeating it. Galuf was also a member of the Dawn warriors.

The Warriors
Bartz Klauser
Lenna Charlotte Tycoon
Faris Scherwiz
Galuf Halm Baldesion
Krile Mayer Baldesion

Final Fantasy XIV

In general, there are two or three (or even more, depending on what you count) different meanings to the concept of 'Warrior of Light' in Hydaelyn. The first a player encounters is a very new usage in historical terms, referring to the heroes who fought against Garlemald in the run-up to the 7th Umbral Era who were sent into a rift of time by Louisoix Leveilleur at the Battle of Carteneau. After this event, all any regular person could remember of these heroes was a faint silhouette with a very bright light behind them, leading them to be called 'Warriors of Light'. These Warriors of Light returned to the real world after some five years had passed, only to discover that only bearers of the power of Echo could remember them.

The second meaning is older, and refers to people who have gathered all the Crystals of Light and received the Blessing of Light to bolster their powers. A person who has gathered less than the full set is called a Crystal Bearer. It bears noting that only a person with the Echo can receive a Crystal of Light from Hydaelyn herself, although if not broken or used up a Crystal of Light can be passed to other people at will. However, receiving a Crystal of Light in that way does not make the receiver a Crystal Bearer, it has to be earned.
As for how well the legacy of the Warriors of Light is known, the first thing Eorzeans think of when identifying people who helped them during a Calamity is the Archons. There are some indications that Warriors of Light have appeared in the Source dimension in ages past as well, and Crystal Bearers are confirmed to have appeared. It is unknown how widely spread this information is in the current age however.

Known Warriors
The player character (Source)
Arbert (First)

Note that upon the almost-destruction of the dimension of Hydaelyn he came from, Arbert gave up his world and became a Warrior of Darkness. He also has four companions who became Warriors of Darkness with him, although it bears noting that only Arbert is explicitly identified as having been a Warrior of Light.

4 Heroes of Light


The four Warriors of the title of the game. The Crystal of the world calls forth some number of Warriors each time the world is threatened. One previous Warrior is known, the Hero Roland, who all the people of the world still remember and revere.

The Warriors


In Final Fantasy Dimensions, both the Warriors of Light and the Warriors of Darkness exist. The Warriors of Light travel in the World of Light and gather opposition against the Avalon Empire.

The Warriors


The generic Warrior of Light from FF3 has made one appearance in the FF-TCG series under the Light element.

PR-065 Warrior of Light

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