Warriors of Darkness
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Final Fantasy III

The Warriors of Darkness (闇の戦士 [yami no senshi] or 'Warrior(s) of Darkness' in Japanese) appeared in Final Fantasy III. They come from the World of Darkness like the Warriors of Light come from the World of Light, and their duty is the hold back the overflowing Light like the duty of the Warriors of Light is to hold back the overflowing Darkness.

The Warriors of Darkness that appear in the game were called forth by the four Dark Crystals 1000 years ago when Light threatened to overflow, and the Cloud of Darkness appeared to take advantage of the situation with the intention of returning everything to Nothing. Their lives prior to that moment are unknown, and the struggles they must have faced getting to their goal are unsung.

Nevertheless, the four Warriors of Darkness managed to defeat the Cloud of Darkness and stop the overflowing Light. However, when Xande came up with his master plan and took over the World of Darkness, the Warriors were sealed away with the four Dark Crystals. There, sealed away, they awaited their time. In the end, the Warriors of Light broke the seal, and the Warriors of Darkness helped them defeat the Cloud of Darkness once again.

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