An Unsent (死人 [shibito] or 'dead person' in Japanese) in Final Fantasy X is the soul of a person who has strong lingering feelings for in the living world and either returns after being sent or does not receive one in the first place. An Unsent wanders Spira as a ghost-like being formed out of pyreflies. They can look exactly like the living person, and unless they give themselves away or a person knows they should be dead already, they cannot be discerned from the living.

While Unsent are a almost a taboo in Spira of FF10, many of the high-ranking people in the Church of Yevon are actually Unsent. The general populace is unaware of this fact, but other high-ranking people know this to be so. This may be part of the reason why the people at higher ranks in the church seem to be heavily corrupted.

The known Unsent in FF10 include the main character Auron, and after his death in the duration of the story Seymour Guado. He is also one of the Maesters who are Unsent, another one being Maester Mika. Other more minor Unsent characters are Maechen, the old wandering historian, and Belgemine, a would-be defeater of Sin who perished on her pilgrimage.

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