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Trust is a type of new magic in Final Fantasy XI, added in 2013. It involves summoning an alter ego of a person you have performed the Trust ritual with, and this alter ego will then fight by your side with their unique skills.

In addition to the Middle Lands of Vana'diel, most of the surrounding areas seem to participate as well, as Trust NPCs will recognize their participation when people from more distant lands come up in conversation.



It all began with a dissertation presented by a scholar of the arcane arts.
A dissertation delving into a new type of magic, one that coalesced heart to heart connections and bonds formed with brotherly love, friendship, and camaraderie into physical form.
This magic, called 'Trust', was first unveiled at an international symposium hosted by the Jeuno Academy of Magical Studies.
Only a select few are able to draw out the full potential of this mysterious force.
They are the ones who unite the world. They are the ones who weave the threads of fate.

-from the official FF11 site


You can call up to three alter egos with Trust magic at the same time - provided that you have finished your Trust quest. In addition to the three alter egos, you can also summon forth your adventuring fellow, for a total of 4 NPC characters to help you out. However, unlike fellows, you can only summon alter egos when not in a party with a player character.

The level of an alter ego you call forth depends on your level and item level. Note that item level is taken into account not only at the time of the summoning, but throughout the usage of the alter ego, so you will have to full-time equipment of better iLv if you want to improve your alter egos in that way.

There is no time limit for how long alter egos can be out, but they will despawn when switching areas. You can also dismiss alter egos - most easily by targeting them and selecting 'Dismiss' from the targeting context menu.


There is a series of quests related to Trust magic. While there are three quests for Trust, you can start one in any nation and complete the others later. However, you must complete at least the first part of one quest to be able to start summoning Trusts.

Trust: San d'Oria
Trust: Bastok
Trust: Windurst

Alter Egos

The basic alter egos are obtained through various quests. In addition to those ones, you can also obtain various Cipher-type items and trade them to the Trust NPCs (listed below) to unlock additional ones. The NPC you trade a Cipher to must be one you have completed the quest of.
You can also see an alphabetical list of the Trust magics here.

Gondebaud / Southern San d'Oria L-6
Clarion / Port Bastok K-7
Wetata / Windurst Woods G-10

Alter Egos from Quests
Ability Name Role Quest
Trust Ajido-Marujido Offensive Caster Trust: Windurst
Trust Ayame Melee Fighter Trust: Bastok
Trust Cherukiki Healer Chains and Bonds
Trust Curilla Tank Trust: San d'Oria
Trust Excenmille Melee Fighter Trust: San d'Oria
Trust Gadalar Offensive Caster Embers of His Past
Trust Ingrid Offensive Caster The Merciless One
Trust Iron Eater Melee Fighter Trust: Bastok
Trust Kupipi Healer Trust: Windurst
Trust Naji Melee Fighter Trust: Bastok
Trust Nanaa Mihgo Melee Fighter Trust: Windurst
Trust Nashmeira Melee Fighter Eternal Mercenary
Trust Prishe Melee Fighter Dawn
Trust Shantotto Offensive Caster Trust: Windurst
Trust Trion Tank Trust: San d'Oria
Trust Ulmia Support Dawn
Trust Volker Melee Fighter Trust: Bastok
Trust Zazarg Melee Fighter Fist of the People
Alter Egos from Items
Ability Name Role Item Obtain
Trust Mihli Aliapoh Healer Cipher Mihli Alter Ego Extravaganzas
Trust Joachim Support Cipher Joachim Alter Ego Extravaganzas
Trust Lehko Habhoka Melee Fighter Cipher Lehko Repeat Login Campaign 9
Trust Lion Melee Fighter Cipher Lion Repeat Login Campaign 7
Trust Mnejing ? Cipher Mnejing Alter Ego Extravaganzas
Trust Naja Salaheem Melee Fighter Cipher Naja Repeat Login Campaign 8
Trust Ovjang ? Cipher Ovjang Alter Ego Extravaganzas
Trust Sakura ? Cipher Sakura Alter Ego Extravaganzas
Trust Tenzen Melee Fighter Cipher Tenzen Alter Ego Extravaganzas
Trust Valaineral Tank Cipher Valaineral Alter Ego Extravaganzas
Trust Zeid Melee Fighter Cipher Zeid Repeat Login Campaign 6
Repeat Login Campaign 9

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