Toto-Rak Investigation Team
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The Toto-Rak Investigation Team was a team of various people led by Wood Wailers from Gridania, sent out to investigate the [[Maws of Toto-Rak] somewhere during spring or early summer of the game's first year (pre-patch 1.18). Other than the Wood Wailers it included a technologist from the Ashcrown Consortium and an investigative reporter from The Raven, a gridanian newspaper. The team was sent out due to the recent sightings of garlean activity in the vicinity.

Some time after their entering of the dungeon, the team was lost to the outside world. A report of this incident can be found in The Raven article Toto-Rak Investigation Team Feared Lost.

Team Reports


These reports were left by the head of the team within Toto-Rak. A green NPC-marker can be seen on the map where a signpost bearing one of these reports has been left.

First Spear Rydel
Toto-Rak Expedition Notes

1.) Strange Lights sighted from just inside dungeon entrance. Creatures of the forest? Closer inspection reveals them to be man-made machines. Ashcrown Consortium technologist accompanying party believes them to be of Garlean design. Labels them 'magitek photocells'. Collect for further study.

2.) Dramatic increase in light emitted by photocells observed upon collecting fourth. Dispatched two lancers to Gridania with orders to deliver the photocells to Stillglade Fane. Soon after their departure, received linkpearl transmission from pair reporting marked reduction in photocell glow as distance from Maws increased. Recalled lancers.

3.) ?

4.) Device located, but one team yet to return. Barrier terminal unresponsive until technologist suggests applying set of four photocells. How does he know these things? Watch him. Lancer suggests locating missing team. Decide to press on.

5.) Encountered sheer drop several yalms down passage. Rock face looks treacherous but descent should be possible with ropes. Return climb may be troublesome - especially with the technologist slowing us down. Lancers seem uncertain. After consulting with second officer, have decided to proceed. Will send scouts to find alternate route back to entrance.

6.) Discovered mangled bodies of the missing team beyond the drop. Have lost linkpearl contact with the two scouts sent to find alternate route out. Presumed lost or deserted. Will continue expedition for now, but must consider retreat if situation worsens.

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