Timeline of the World in FFVIII

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This timeline includes all the important known events in the Final Fantasy VIII world. The year numbering system in the world is unknown, so everything operates on a '-# years' basis. Year 0 is the year the game takes place in.

This timeline's construction is not too complicated, but one assumption had to be made for it. This assumption is 'the game reports the characters' ages as they are during the start of the game's story, not what age they would be at the end of the current year'. While some FFs do not follow this assumption, most do. If you do not agree with the assumption, any birthday listed might be under the wrong year, and characters' birth orders may well be drastically different. Some events that had their location on the timeline determined by a birthday might also be different. Please use appropriate caution.


Mythical Times

At the start of humanity1
Great Hyne creates humans to do his bidding, and goes to sleep
Humans multiply and take over the earth
Hyne awakens and starts killing humans, inciting them to war against him
Upon Hyne's loss, he negotiates a deal to let humans have half his body if he's left alone
Humans war for possession of their half of Hyne's body, first countries are formed
Led by King Black-ear Zebalga and Sage Vascaroon, humans discover that their half of Hyne's body is simply his physical power, and all his magic is in the other half that has now disappeared
The alleged descendants of Sage Vascaroon write the book The Legend of Vascaroon2

Ancient History

The Centra civilization rises

The historian Tem writes the book The Whereabouts of Hyne3

The nation of Centra is formed4

Age of Centra Shelters5

Centra is destroyed in a Lunar Cry, the Centra Crater is formed by the impact6
The remaining Centra people take viable shelters and head for other continents

Unknown time in this period
Esthar is formed by former people of Centra
Holy Dollet Empire is formed by former people of Centra

Age of Wars7

Unknown time in this age
Balamb separates from the Holy Dollet Empire8

Forming the Modern World

Cid Kramer is born9

3.1 Laguna Loire is born10

25.2 Ward Zabac is born11

6.7 Kiros Seagill is born12
Julia Heartilly is born13

Unknown time around this period
Vinzer Deling is elected president of Galbadia14

Ellone is born15

Timber Maniacs Co is established, starts publishing a magazine of the same name
Ellone's parents are killed by Esthar soldiers16, and Raine from next door takes her in
Galbadian soldiers are stationed in Winhill to ward off further Esthar incursions17

4.10 Quistis Trepe is born18
22.12 Seifer Almasy is born19

Horizon Bridge is finished20

The Sorceress War

Raijin is born21

Sorceress War starts23
(winter) Galbadia starts its expansion by invading Timber, annexes it as one of their territories24
(winter) (first Laguna flashback)
(winter) Esthar excavates the Crystal Pillar from Centra25
(winter) (second Laguna flashback)26
(winter/spring) Lagune Loire spends time recovering in Winhill and eventually falls in love with Raine27
Ward Zabac becomes a janitor in D-District Prison
Julia Heartilly releases the song Eyes On Me28
Julia Heartilly marries General Fury Caraway29
(winter) (third Laguna flashback)30
24.11 Irvine Kinneas is born31
(winter) Laguna and Raine get married32

Fujin is born33
Edea Kramer builds her orphanage in a bunch of Centra ruins34, starts taking in children orphaned by the Sorceress War
Ellone is kidnapped from Winhill by Esthar soldiers35
Laguna starts traveling all over the world in search of a way to Esthar and Ellone, and pays for his journeys by writing for the Timber Maniacs magazine

A movie about a famous Sorceress and her knight is filmed, co-starring an unnamed female lead and Laguna Loire (fourth Laguna flashback)
Laguna visits Edea's orphanage in search of Ellone
Laguna visits the Shumi Village in search of Ellone
Laguna retrieves Ellone from Esthar and sends her back home to Winhill (fifth Laguna flashback)
Laguna ends up head of the anti-Adel faction in Esthar
Sorceress War ends, and Esthar is closed to outsiders
Radio interference starts due to the sealing of Adel in Adel's Tomb
Ragnarok is lost in space
3.3 Rinoa Heartilly is born36
17.3 Zell Dincht is born37
16.7 Selphie Tilmitt is born38
23.8 Squall Leonhart is born39
Raine Loire dies40

Rise of the SeeD

Around this time period
Ellone and Squall end up at Edea's orphanage41

Squall, Seifer, Quistis, Selphie, Zell and Irvine lived at Edea's orphanage42
Edea Kramer receives the dying Ultimecia's Sorceress powers, and knowledge of the SeeD from Squall43
Edea tells her husband Cid Kramer about SeeD, and he becomes obsessed with founding Gardens

Around this time period
Ellone is sent out on the ship that would later become the White SeeD Ship to protect her from Esthar soldiers44
Deep Sea Research Center reaches its final destination by the Deep Sea Deposit45

(February/March) Julia Caraway dies in a traffic accident46
Balamb Garden is established

Unknown time around this time period
Squall Leonhart and Seifer Almasy are enrolled at Balamb Garden47
Galbadia Garden is established
Trabia Garden is established

Quistis Trepe becomes a student at Balamb Garden48 after leaving her adopted family

Selphie Tilmitt finds a GF when out training and junctions it for a while49

Quistis Trepe wins the title of the King of the Card Club Group from Doctor Kadowaki

Quistis Trepe becomes the youngest ever full-fledged SeeD50

13.12 Sant' Angelo di Roma is born, becomes Rinoa's pet presumably several weeks after

Quistis Trepe becomes an instructor at Balamb Garden51
(summer) Rinoa Heartilly and Seifer Almasy meet

(3 days before game start) Galbadia invades Dollet
Selphie Tilmitt transfers to Balamb Garden
Events of Final Fantasy VIII start

Final Fantasy VIII

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Far to the Future

Events of the game in Ultimecia's time52

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