Timeline of the World in FFVI

Since no month or season can be determined for game events, it's unknown what the exact birth year of the characters is (it being unknown if they've had their birthdays already). It's even unknown if the birthdays given are 'this character is this old in the year the game takes place' or 'this character is this old exactly when the game takes place' kind of variety. Therefore, an estimate marker has been added to all birth markings, as they can take place either that year or the previous year. This means that characters marked under the same year may not have been born on the same year, depending on the answers to the abovementioned points. It also means that any event timed only by someone's age operates under these same rules and thus the exact year can't be determined.

This timeline takes its information from the script of the game, the guidebooks FF6 Creation Materials Chapter, FF6 The Complete and FF 20th Anniversary Ultimania Files 1-2, dev interviews in the magazine V-Jump's FF Colosseum section around the time of FF6's release in Japan, as well as the Wedding in Figaro booklet. Please see the booklet's page for details on it.

Mythical Times

Unknown time in this period1
The Warring Triad descend from the heavens and start fighting for dominance
Beings caught in the battle are infused with magic and transformed into Espers to fight at the Triads' sides
Seeing the futility of their battle, the Warring Triad tells the Espers to seal away their power

The Ancient World

Mt Kolts erupts and reaches its current height, creating much of the associated mountain range at the same time2

Around this time period
Machines and ordinary humans are infused with the power of magic from Espers to make them into better fighters

The Kingdom of Doma forms among the strife of the War of the Magi3

Around this time period
The queen of a desert city turns to stone along with the Esper Odin during an attack
The Ultima Weapon (sword) and the Ultima Weapon (beast) are created
Valigarmanda is frozen deep in the caves around what will later be the city of Narshe4
The eight legendary dragons area sealed around to world, and behind their sealing the magicite Crusader is sealed

The War of the Magi ends5

The World Without Magic

The Scars of War

Around this time period
Espers fashion the realm of the Esper World and leave the human world to live in seclusion
Magi are hunted down and killed with flimsy excuses of trials simply for having access to magic
The remaining magi gather together and found the village of Thamasa

The last copy of the 'Faithful Account of the War of the Magi' is lost at Doma due to unknown reasons6

The Autonomous Military Organization at its center, the world's governments convene to form the World Peace Council7
The Espers are confirmed to have disappeared from the world8

Mt Kolts becomes widely known among ascetics as a training ground9

The Autonomous Military Organization declares itself an Empire (of unknown name) with the intention of policing world peace10

The previously informal society of samurai is legitimized in Doma when the decision is made to appoint them as personal guards to the king11

The last large-scale renovation of the Doma Castle is accomplished12

Around this time period
The last time a human wandered into the Esper World before Madeline13

The Industrial Revolution

Start of the industrial revolution and a cultural renaissance14

Construction of Figaro Castle is finished15
South Figaro is named official castle town and gains a lively boost16

Coal deposits are found at Narshe and people gather, eventually transforming the Free City of Narshe to the industrial city-state of Narshe17

A political organization is formed at Narshe aimed at facilitating commerce, and the city-state gains its first real government18

Rumors of the treasures of Figaro being hidden in the caves of Mt Kolts spread, attracting all manner of people to the region19

The Refinement of Figaro

Duke Lambert is born20

Mechanization of the Figaro Castle starts21

Prince William Louis Figaro is born22

Marlane is born23

First submerge attempt of the Figaro Castle ends in catastrophic failure with hundreds of victims24
The King of Figaro and others of the castle's inhabitants take temporary refuge in a palace built for that purpose at South Figaro25

13.6: Strago Magus is born in Thamasa26
The weapon shop owner at Narshe becomes the owner of the weapons shop27

After extensive remodeling, the third submerge attempt of the Figaro Castle succeeds28
South Figaro gains the responsibility of guarding the kingdom's borders while the Castle is submerged. Military checkpoints are established at Mt Kolts29**

Agnes is born30

Marlane gives birth to Prince Stuart Remy Figaro31

Setting the Stage

A coup d'état takes place in the Empire, Gestahl's father is heavily involved32

23.10: Banon is born in South Figaro33

3.1: Cyan Garamond is born in Doma34
26.10: Emperor Gestahl is born35

Ebot's Rock falls under the sea36

27.5: Cid del Norte Marguez is born in Vector37

Jeffry McLeod is born38

Crystale is born39

Prieur Fransisca is born40

Marlane gives birth to Prince Francis Laverne Figaro41

Agnes gives birth to Guinevere42

The Empire starts stockpiling weaponry to increase their influence
Construction of Castle Vector is completed43

Around this time period
Clyde is born44

19.11: Kefka Palazzo is born45

Marlane gives birth to Princess Ivoire46

8.7: Leo Cristophe is born in Vector47

8.2: Setzer Gabbiani is born48
16.8: Crystale gives birth to Edgar Roni Figaro and Sabin Rene Figaro in Figaro49
Crystale dies several days after giving birth50

24.11: Locke Cole is born51

Sabin Rene Figaro is attacked by a Nut Eater and develops a hatred for life

Guinevere marries Duke Dardanells52, Edgar and Sabin attend the wedding53

Expansion of the Empire

Gestahl becomes the new Emperor of the Empire54, and renames it as the Gestahlian Empire55
As a result of imperial aggression, the weapons trade of Narshe grows to be of equal size with its coal trade
Narshe and Gestahlian Empire enter a peace treaty, and Narshe declares itself a neutral state in matters regarding the Empire's expansion56

Sabin Rene Figaro falls ill, and after somewhat recovering he starts twice-weekly training sessions with Duncan Harcourt to strengthen his body57

Madeline gets lost in a storm and wanders into the Esper World, where she falls in love with the Esper Maduin58
First Imperial Expedition - Gestahlian Empire establishes control over the southern continent
Magitek Research Facility is established at Vector59
10.3: Celes Chere is born in Vector60
18.10: Madeline gives birth to Terra Branford at the Esper World61

Duane is born in Mobliz
Katarina is born in Mobliz

Emperor Gestahl leads the Expedition to the Esper World and returns with the baby Terra as well as several Espers62
The Elder of the Esper World seals the Gate so that no one may pass through it

Somewhere around this time period
Celes Chere is artifically infused with magic63

5.4: Gau is born by the Lethe River64, and his mother dies in childbirth
Gau's father throws him out to the Veldt65
Edgar Roni Figaro and Sabin Rene Figaro pass their Antlion Hunt and manage to catch the biggest one ever despite Sabin's 40-degree fever66

Revival of Magic

Unrest in the Nations

Edgar Roni Figaro falls in love with Guinevere67

Restructuring of the Imperial Army completes, headed by Kefka Palazzo and Leo Cristophe68
First results of succeeding in making mages is announced by the Magitek Research Facility69

11.5: Mog is born in Narshe area70
Francis Laverne Figaro attempts to assasinate his brother the King Stuart Remy Figaro, but is thwarted by Guinevere and Jeffry McLeod who both die
Francis Laverne Figaro is imprisoned for life71
Clyde leaves his friend Baram behind after a robbery gone wrong, and arrives at Thamasa some time after72

9.9: Relm Arrowny is born in Thamasa73

King Stuart Remy Figaro is poisoned by an up-and-coming mage from the Gestahlian Empire74
Edgar Roni Figaro and Sabin Rene Figaro toss a coin to determine who'll be the next king
Sabin leaves Figaro Castle for his master Duncan Harcourt's place

Imperial Aspirations

Rachel saves Locke Cole from a bad fall but gets hurt herself and develops amnesia75
Locke leaves Kohlingen

Magitek Armor field testing is completed76
Second Imperial Expedition - the Gestahlian Empire starts its conquest of the western continent77
Figaro and the Gestahlian Empire enter into an alliance78
A small-scale riot breaks out at South Figaro in response to Figaro's alliance to the Empire, and may have been the first event orchestrated by the Returners

Priscilla is born79
Rachel dies in an imperial attack on Kohlingen, having just recovered her memories
Locke Cole, freshly returned from his travels, begs a local herbalist to use one of his concoctions to preserve Rachel's body as it is at the time of her death

Darill takes her airship, the Falcon, to try 'fly past the clouds', and goes missing80

Setzer Gabbiani finds the wreck of the Falcon and Darill's remains81
Clyde leaves Thamasa with Interceptor, becomes known as 'Shadow'82

9.9: Umaro is born83
Gestahlian Empire starts border skirmishes at the border with Doma84

Third Imperial Expedition - The Gestahlian Empire starts its conquest of the eastern continent

A frozen Esper is found at the furthest reaches of the Narshe coal mines
Vargas Harcourt attacks his own father Duncan
Events of Final Fantasy VI (parts before the destruction)

Events of Final Fantasy VI (parts after the destruction)

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