Timeline of the World in FFIII

While having nominally more background information than its predecessors, Final Fantasy III was still made early enough that there isn't much coherent world lore. As a result, the world and game timelines have been combined into this one page.

Most of the world building information was never released in English. Anything not directly from the game (with clarifications from the Japanese script where the English script is unclear) is taken from the official guidebook ファイナルファンタジーIII 基礎知識編 or the ファイナルファンタジー大全集 collection.

The Ancient Past

From the Void the forces of Light and Darkness are born
the four Crystals of Light and the four Crystals of Darkness create the world

Ancient past1
Dragons led by Bahamut live together in harmony with humans

~10,000 years ago
the Elder Tree is born

Unknown time2
Noah takes on his disciples Doga, Unei, and Xande, take residence on the Dalg continent
Doga starts his creation of modern magic
Great Sasune-Saronia War
+Sasune develops attack magic, creates Black Magic
+Pacifist Sasunian mages defect to Saronia, develop healing and supporting magic, create White Magic
+Development of the Ultimate spells Flare and Holy
The Ultimate spells are sealed away in Eureka (with involvement from Doga and Unei)
(more than 100 years after branching of magic): development of Red Mages

Time of the Ancients
The Ancients quarrel with dragons, use the power of the Crystals of Light to build a high civilization with machinery including airships
The floating mechanism in the Tower of Owen is completed and the Floating Continent takes flight3

~1000 years ago
Flood of Light
+Owen and Desch, engineers of the Floating Continent, take to cryostasis
+The four Warriors of Darkness stop the overflowing power of Light, but not before much of the civilization of the Ancients is destroyed
Noah seals Bahamut and Leviathan to the Floating Continent
Noah dies and leaves each of his disciples a part of his powers
+Unei retreats to the world of dreams to protect it
+Xande leaves the Dalg continent angered over Noah's gift of human life

Modern World

~64 years ago
Cid Haze is born

Unknown time
Cid Haze of Saronia discovers the Wheel of Time and builds the first airship in a thousand years
The construction of airships enables trade all over the world

~21 years ago
Princess Sara Altney of Sasune is born

~15 years ago
Maiden of Water Aria Benett is born

~10-13 years ago4
Cid Haze's airship crashes on the Floating Continent, he settles down in Canaan
+Elder Topapa adopts Luneth and Arc5
+Takka adopts Refia
+Castle Sasune takes in Ingus to raise as a soldier

~10 years ago
Prince Alus Restor of Saronia is born

Near past
King Argus takes the Wheel of Time from Cid Haze, fearing the military applications of airships
Xande triggers great earthquakes all around the world by utilizing the Earth Crystal and technology of the Ancients6
+Water Crystal sinks, and to protect its faithful it floods the world and petrifies all the people, leaving only the areas around the Temple of Water and the Floating Continent intact
+Wind Crystal sinks, taking the Altar Cave with it
+Fire Crystal sinks, taking the Molten Cave with it
A great boulder stops all passage out of the Nelv Valley
Monsters appear in the world
Desch is awakened from his cryostasis
Djinn of the Sealed Cave awakens and curses the residents of Sasune
Hein, assistant to King Argus, loses his mind and takes over the kingdom, carves a castle out of the Elder Tree
Giant Rat steals the eye of the Nepto Dragon, the inner sea of the Floating Continent becomes untraversable
Gutsco steals one of the horns from the dwarves

Final Fantasy III

Wind Crystal arc
Luneth who was out exploring falls down a hole into the Altar Cave, is tasked with saving the world
Luneth and Arc discover that the entire town of Kazus have been turned into ghosts except for Refia
In search of a way to break the curse on the people of Kazus, Luneth, Arc and Refia encounter Ingus at Castle Sasune and obtain a canoe to cross into the Sealed Cave
The group encounters princess Sara Altney and defeat Djinn
The Wind Crystal acknowledges the four of the group as Warriors of Light

Fire Crystal arc
The Warriors take control of Cid Haze's airship and clear the way out of Nelv Valley
The Warriors encounter Desch at Dragon's Peak, are transported far south due to an encounter with Bahamut
The Warriors and Desch heal Doctor Shelco of poisoning
The Warriors and Desch stop the rampaging Nepto Dragon and as a result gain control of the viking ship Enterprise
The Warriors and Desch defeat Medusa at the Tower of Owen and Desch jumps into the furnace to stop the mechanism keeping the continent afloat from malfunctioning
The Warriors defeat Gutsco on behalf of the dwarves and gain the power of the Fire Crystal

Water Crystal arc
Brainwashed soldiers of Argus abduct the Warriors from Tokkul and take them to Hein's Castle
The Warriors defeat Hein and free King Argus, gaining control of the Wheel of Time
Cid Haze uses the Wheel of Time to forge the Enterprise into an airship to leave the Floating Continent
The Warriors heal the sick Aria Benett and gain access to the Temple of Water
The Warriors defeat Kraken and gain the power of the Water Crystal, but not before Kraken kills Aria
The Water Crystal releases the world from its protection
Gigameth takes control of King Gorn and incites a civil war in Saronia
Unei tells the Warriors in their sleep to contact Doga

Earth Crystal arc
The Warriors awaken in Amur with their airship chained to the ground by the order of Goldor
The Warriors obtain Levigrass Shoes from Delilah of Amur to access Goldor's Manor
The Warriors defeat Goldor who defeats his Golden Earth Crystal as his final act
The Enterprise is shot down as the Warriors fly over the war-ridden Saronia
The Warriors find prince Alus Restor and access the castle to defeat Gigameth, whose real form is Garuda
Saronia rewards the Warriors with the excavated airship Nautilus
The Warriors meet Doga, who enables the Nautilus to travel underwater and sends them to awaken Unei
The Warriors recover Noah's Lute from the Temple of Time and awaken Unei
Unei leads the Warriors to the ancient airship Invincible
Doga and Unei force the Warriors to fight them to create the Syrcus Key
The Warriors enter the Ancients' Maze and gain the power of the Earth Crystal after defeating Hecatoncheir

Final arc
The Warriors enter Eureka and gain the power of sealed ultimate magic
At the top of the Syrcus Tower, the Warriors fall into Xande's mirror trap but are saved by the strong spirits of their companions
The Warriors defeat Xande but almost fall in battle against the Cloud of Darkness immediately after
The Warriors enter the World of Darkness and encounter the four Warriors of Darkness, gain new powers
The Warriors defeat Cloud of Darkness and return home

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