Timeline of the World in FFII

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Final Fantasy II, while having a good story for its time, didn't have all that much background to the world. Due to this, the world and game timelines have been combined for this game.



near past
The Empire attacks Deist and destroys the dragoons
The Empire attacks Kashuan and it falls due to Borghen’s betrayal
Prince Scott and his brother Gordon flee to Altair
Prince Scott proposes to Princess Hilda

around 2 days ago
The Empire attacks Fynn and it falls
Leon goes with the imperial soldiers
The King of Fynn is wounded by an arrow and Hilda takes over the resistance
Prince Scott is presumed dead at the battle
Dark Knight takes over the Dreadnaught project

Rebelling Army

present - game events
Minwu revives Firion, Maria and Guy
The three go to Fynn and find Prince Scott, who dies
The three bring the ring of Prince Scott to Hilda and are accepted into the resistance
Princess Hilda sends out the three and Minwu to Josef in Salamand to get mythril
Josef sends everyone to Semitt Falls
The party saves everyone who is forced to work there – including Nelly and Paul

Princess Hilda sends the party to Bafsk to destroy the Dreadnaught
The party first meets the Dark Knight, who was said to have gained command from Borghen
The Dreadnaught destroys Poft, Paloom, Altair and Gatrea
Princess Hilda sends the three to get Sunfire from Kashuan to destroy the Dreadnaught

The three join with Josef and go to Snow Cavern for the key to Kashuan Keep
The party finds the giant beavers
The party defeats the Adamantoise and get the Goddess's Bell
The party defeats Borghen, who reveals he has built built traps into the cave
Josef dies while saving the three rebels

Escalating War

Firion, Maria and Guy meet Prince Gordon at Kashuan Keep, and join with him
The party gets Sunfire from Kashuan Keep
Princess Hilda gets Cid to take her to Kashuan Keep on his airship, but is captured by the Dreadnaught
The party finds the Dreadnaught and rescue Princess Hilda and Cid
In Dreadnaught’s engine room, Maria thinks he recognizes the Dark Knight’s voice
The party destroys the Dreadnaught, and Cid flies them back to Altair

Upon entering, they find the King has only very short time to live
The King tells Gordon to lead the army for Hilda and sends Minwu to find and learn Ultima
He then sends Firion, Maria and Guy to Deist, to find if any dragoons are alive
The King of Fynn dies, but Princess Hilda is acting weirdly
At Paloom, the three meet Leila, who offers them a ride to Deist
On the way to Deist, Leila’s pirate crew attacks the party
Upon defeating the pirates, Leila and crew join the party to fight the Empire
At Deist, the party finds the last of the wyverns, who gives them an egg to hatch
The party places the egg into the Life Spring, but return only to find out that the wyvern has died

Upon return to Altair, the party finds out that the princess was an impostor and defeat it
News arrive to Altair – the real princess is a tournament prize in Palamecia
Leila stays behind to take care of the rebel movement and Gordon joins the party
The party travels to Colosseum and get imprisoned by the Emperor
Paul rescues the party, who in turn find and rescue Princess Hilda – Gordon takes her out
Upon return, the rebel movement start on attack on Fynn
The party attacks the castle and defeat Gottos, reclaiming Fynn

Mystical Matters

Princess Hilda and Gordon send the party to go to Mysidia and find Minwu, but first they must find Masks
Paul tells the party the entrance to a secret part in the castle, where the White Mask awaits them
Having found the White Mask, the party heads for Mysidia, where they place the White Mask on the Goddess
The party finds the Black Mask on Tropical Isle and place it on the Doppelganger in Cave of Mysidia
Taking the Crystal Rod from the cave, they head for Mysidian Tower, but are accosted by Leviathan on the way
Within the Leviathan, the party meets with Ricard, who decides to join them after seeing the Crystal Rod
With the power of the Crystal Rod, the four open the seal on the Mysidian Tower and enter
On top of the tower they meet Minwu, who uses all his energy to unseal the Ultima magic and dies
The party receives a power upgrade from the crystals present, and take the Ultima tome

Upon returning to Fynn, they find a new threat – the Emperor has destroyed Poft, Paloom, Gatrea and Altair with a Cyclone that moves like it had its own will.

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