Timeline of Tactics S

This page details the events in the world of Tactics S. Note that there is some confusion what world that actually is, so this page treats the world as Esnoah, a separate world from any other.

Note that the ages mentioned are all that is known about the ages of Esnoah. They may have started even as far as hundreds of years earlier than where they are marked, and there likely is some (or many) of them missing from in between the known ages - the current age most likely isn't Age of Wars any more.

Age of Darkness

~2000 years ago or more
A dark god of flame is allegedly sealed away in the far east from the central continent1

~1800 years ago and less
13th demon lord: Dragon Demon Lord Regenzones appears, brings many other dragon demon lords with him
15th demon lord: King of Dimensional Variation Demilogos with the intention to warp the shape of all things

1700 years ago
19th demon lord: Grand Duke Mechidos of the Magic Staff appears for the first time
20th demon lord: Grand Duke Grandio, the Demon Armor starts creating and using heartless demon lords, the Steel Soldiers

1600 years ago
24th demon lord: Grand Duke Zaboniedo, the Descending Demon appears for the first time

~1300 years ago and less
The Calamity of Adenn
+30th demon lord: Valgas, Black Dragon of Calamities is summoned
+31st demon lord: Lord Rudahl Adenn of Calamity is created
Sacred Kingdom of Luma is destroyed in the war following the Calamity

1200 years ago
A great war that raged in Esnoah ends (may be the one that started with the Calamity)
36th demon lord: Lihse Nen, Princess of the Omnidirectional Tree spreads her roots throughout the continent
37th demon lord: Rahse Nen, Princess of Corrosion uses her elder sister's roots and spreads poisonous flowers throughout the continent

Age of Demon Bells

~1000 years ago
The great Bazelam Empire is founded

1000 years ago
43rd demon lord: Dorgoth, the Demon Dragon of Scorching Heat appears along with other demon lord dragons, and destroys several countries
44th demon lord: Zappawra, the Demon Dragon of Cascading Waves appears along with other demon lord dragons, and destroys several countries with floodwaters

~1000 years ago or less
50th demon lord: Battlestorm Duke Gigito Kolv appears for the first time, tells of the shortly upcoming Storm of Demon Battles

~900 years ago or less
54th demon lord: Ilumora, the Sticky Wonder of Strange Lightning is created by Demilogos. Spends several hundred years in the shape of a gria

700 years ago
63rd demon lord: Rought Knight Zorgormarg appears for the first time
64th demon lord: Noble Demon Gobreh, spawn of Zaboniedo, joins Zorgormarg
+Goldus the Golden Sword battles the demon lord Zorgormarg and seals it away within himself. He and his strongest disciples, the Generals of the Six Gates and the Reverse Six Gates are sealed away in the Weapon Treasury

Age of Wars

~500 years ago or later
71st demon lord: Borgdol, the Sticky Wonder of Pressuring Winds is created by Demilogos, fools people by appearing to heal their illnesses and wounds but in truth brings them back worse after a brief respite
72nd demon lord: Beast of the Bone Tower Jiazarn appears, starts collecting the bodies of fallen demon lords at his back
74th demon lord: Sleep Generalissimo Bilyugiss, spawn of Fregos, goes undercover in this world and starts delivering information to other demon lords

~400 years ago
The Bazelam Empire descends to chaos, becomes a fragment of what it once was

~300 years ago or less
79th demon lord: Delmary, the Forest Eating Princess attempts bringing in an eternal winter
80th demon lord: Knight of Epidemics Piehst is created by the demon lord Grand Duke Grandio, lures people with mirages of gold and jewels
81st demon lord: Knight of Craving Renezohma is created by the demon lord Grand Duke Grandio, brings a heatwave to dry out the land
82nd demon lord: Knight of Nightmare Zenoskus is created by the demon lord Grand Duke Grandio, tries trapping people in endless nightmares

~200 years ago or more
King of Dimensional Variation Demilogos is sealed away the Great Sage Zehm2

200 years ago
86th demon lord: Biolmes, Nobleman of Rough Heavens runs through the lands in a rage of storms3
87th demon lord: Blasting King Moav is sealed by away Peohl of Sunlight and her companions

~200 years ago or later
First Grand Fiend Hunting Festival
+92nd demon lord: Knight of a Hundred Swords Meikes is created by Beast King of Destruction Braizo to be his shield
94th demon lord: Gegaram, the Sticky Wonder of Mud Destruction is created by Demilogos and starts turning people to stone

~100 years ago or later
101st demon lord: Keena-Mahna, Princess of the White Demon Tower controls ice and snow to lure people to hell, is stopped by Duchy of Yug Nard

50 years ago
Demilogos and his jelly cohort starts appearing every year, people start calling that time of the year Jelly Panic
103rd demon lord: Water Fowl Marquis Finma-Donma invades Iisa in the guise of a traveling moogle

The Present
see the events pages for a full rundown of current events
113th demon lord: Magi Machina Magicliem is built by the organization Magicliem from left-over energy of defeated demon lords

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