Timeline of Ivalice


This page features a timeline of the world of Ivalice. Note that while the timeline has written to be as accurate as possible, there are simply no dates or time comparisons given for some major events, and thus estimates had to be made. All estimates have been marked with a ~ sign.

All times are given as fully as possible. In the majority of the events on the timeline this means a mere - or a + sign to indicate years before or after something that can be more fully dated. In some cases though, this means a year or even a full date of one of the calendars that have been in use throughout the history of Ivalice. The name of the calendar in use is mentioned when a date is given. See here for a more in-depth look at the various Ivalician calendars.

OV - Old Valendian
OC - 'Omega Calendar' (not official name)
JC - 'Jylland Calendar' (not official name)
ZC - 'Zodiac Calendar' (not official name)
XX - unknown calendar

Note that this is not a timeline of the events of the games located in Ivalice. The game-specific timelines have their own pages, and are linked to from the appropriate section in this world timeline, below.

On the FF12>FFT Transition

As it is, it has proven impossible to conclusively date the two games on a timeline in relation to each other. There are several viable options listed below, any one (or none) of which could be how the timeline is in truth set up. The timeline itself completely separates the events mentioned in FF12-connected games and the events mentioned in FFT-connected games. There may be and likely will be some overlap between the end of the former and the start of the latter, but you will have to calculate on the overlap yourself based on which theory of transition you follow.

Dates largely connected to FF12 Dates largely connected to FFT
Final Fantasy XII
Revenant Wings
Grimoire of the Rift (main game time)
Final Fantasy Tactics
Vagrant Story
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (real world)
Grimoire of the Rift (origin time)

Transition Version #1
Presumptions: There are two Saint Ajoras, the female mentioned in FF12 and the male/unknown gender mentioned in FFT. The year given in the Mesa's Musings sound novel is real even if everything else in it is fictional. The years given in the Veil of Wiyu book are more recent than the one given in Mesa's Musings. The Cataclysm is the start of the new calendar.
Results: The year in Mesa's Musings is of the Old Valendian calendar. The first Saint Ajora is born around 700ish OV, the second around no earlier than 1610 OV but could be as late as 1800 OV. The Cataclysm happens around 1100 years after FF12, and around 988-1178 years before FFT (placing FF12 some 2100-2300 years before FFT). This in turn means the year in FFT is around 988-1178. The city Lea Monde is founded some 500-700 years after FF12.
Problems This version solves the disrepancy between the given gender of the Saint Ajoras mentioned, and it keeps things in logical order. However, if you believe the Ajoras to be the same person this timeline is definitely problematic. This is also the version that relies on the most presumptions. One way to lessen the number of presumptions is to remove the line of the Cataclysm being the start of a new calendar. This will merely have the effect of obscuring the exact years FFT happens during.

Transition Version #2
Presumptions: There's only one Saint Ajora. Their gender is female, the English version claiming she's male is a translation error from the inconclusive Japanese FFT script. The year given the Mesa's Musings sound novel is real even if everything else in it is fictional.
Results: FFT happens around 1200 years after FF12, give or take a decade or two. Both the year given in Mesa's Musings and the ones given in Veil of Wiyu are in Old Valendian. The Cataclysm happens a mere 100 or so years before FFT, some 1100 years after Saint Ajora's time. Lea Monde is founded some 300 years before FF12's time, around the same time the kingdoms of Dalmasca and Nabradia are formed.
Problems: This version does away with complexity and has there only be one Saint Ajora. However, the Cataclysm happens an unbelievably scant 100 years before FFT, a mere 50 years before the start of the Fifty Years' War. The oldest people in the game would have been born in its aftermath. Other races like moogles wouldn't exactly be very legendary if people's fathers or grandfathers had seen them plenty everywhere. There's also the problem of the later date given in Veil of Wiyu, where the 'Zodiac calendar' was already in use. According to this version, the year given is in Old Valendian. Would they really have changed the month/day calendar system without resetting the years to 0 from Old Valendian?

Transition Version #3
Presumptions: There's only one Saint Ajora. Their gender is female, the English version claiming she's male is a translation error from the inconclusive Japanese FFT script. The year in Mesa's Musings is pure fiction - either that or retconned after the fact. As per the FF12 Ultimania Omega, the Cataclysm happens after Saint Ajora's time, but closer to that than FFT.
Results: FFT happens around 1200 or so years after FF12. The exact timing of the Cataclysm is debatable, but can't be more than a few hundred years after Saint Ajora. It doesn't matter if the years given in Veil of Wiyu are retconned or not, they can fit in either as Old Valendian (presuming it continued for another 60+ years after FF12, 40+ years after Saint Ajora) or as of a new calendar system (starting with something like Saint Ajora's birth or the Calamity, making the year in FFT something like 1200+ or 1000ish, respectively), in either case there's enough space for it in the slightly more than 1200 years between Saint Ajora's birth and FFT.
Problems: There is a legend in FFT stating that each the seven pre-Ivalice kingdoms were present when a king of Mullonde summoned a demon in times before the Saint Ajora. This would mean that somewhere on the same continent where the Rozarrian Empire is located, the seven pre-Ivalice kingdoms wage their wars, even during the times of FF12. Among other things, it means that the Goug in Grimoire of the Rift and the Goug in FFT aren't the same place (in effect, on the same continent there are two cities called Goug on an island just off the mainland, both which are inhabited by moogles), the city of Bervenia (of FFT, south-west edge of continent) is nowhere near the region of Bervenia (FF12RW, north-east edge of continent), not to mention that the family of Glabados (FFT) lives nowhere near the Glabados family of FF12RW1. Either these, or the legend gets the existence of countries wrong from a mere 1200 years ago. Whether this sounds like a problem is up to the reader. Note that this problem applies to timeline version #2 as well, and any other version where the Ajora of FF12 and the Ajora of FFT are the same person.

Transition Version #4
Presumptions: There are two Saint Ajoras, the female mentioned in FF12 and the male/unknown gender mentioned in FFT. The year in Mesa's Musings is pure fiction - either that or retconned after the fact. As per the FF12 Ultimania Omega, the Cataclysm happens after Saint Ajora's time, but closer to that than FFT.
Results: There's an unknown amount of time of Saint Ajora (female) of FF12 and the Cataclysm. There's also an unknown amount of time between the birth of Saint Ajora (male) of FFT and the Cataclysm, although it's likely no more than a few hundred years. Nothing can be said about the timing of FFT in relation to FF12.
Problems: With these options, forming any kind of timeline based on canonical information is impossible. Any problems are thus impossible to determine.

Timeline FF12 Side

Age of Gods

Gods and Scions

Unknown time in this Age2
The Occuria rule over the other races of the world
Scarletite is given to men by 'gods', is used in weaponcraft3
The Occuria enslave dragons to do their bidding4

Unknown time in this Age
The Occuria create the Scions
The Thousand Year War - Scions are banished from the physical world

Birth of the Aegyl

~4000 years ago from FF125
The human Feolthanos heads to the world below from his tribe's home in the mountains
Feolthanos meets a Viera, who tells him of a great curse6
With the power of the curse, Feolthanos becomes the first Aegyl
Feolthanos and his Viera wife have children, who are the first of the Feol Viera
Feolthanos returns to his tribe and shares with them the curse of the wings
Occuria pressure the new race of Aegyl to off themselves as they weren't part of the world plan they had in mind
- The Occuria War
The Aegyl migrate to Lemures, the process takes several years
During the migration, Feolthanos finds Auracite at Lemurés, creates the Cache of Glabados
Golden period of Agyl culture starts at Lemurés, lasts for more than 20 years
Construction of the airship Galbana is completed by the Aegyl
- The Occuria had forbidden technology of this advanced level for this time period, so to prevent its spreading they erect a barrier around Lemurés preventing all travel to and from the surface world
Lemures Civil War - Aegyl high civilization is destroyed
- Feolthanos locks himself away in the Keep of Forgotten Time, starts researching for ways to end the fighting and a way to return his family to him, before the end of his natural lifespan he uses the Auraliths to draw energy from the entire Aegyl race and to make himself immortal
Wild Yarhi start appearing in Lemurés

~3800 years ago from FF127
Feol Viera, now numbering several dozen, move out of the Viera home forests and into Roda Volcano

Retreat of the Gods

Unknown time in this Age
Occuria retreat from the world through Giruvegan
- The Sun-Cryst is placed on top of the Pharos at Ridorana
- A period of chaos follows as the world searches for direction without its former leaders

Unknown Age

Unknown time in this Age
A civilization flourishes in the Tchita Uplands8
Mythril is forged in an underground kingdom, which falls after a long brutal war with flame gigas9

27 OC
24th-31st month - Omega Mk XII and Mimics are developed in an effort to battle a mighty dragon

Unknown time in this Age
The ancient peoples with superior technologies disappear10

Ancient Galtean Age

Unknown time in this Age
Mad King Dorneus creates an army of zombies, which all disappear overnight11

~2,000 years ago from FF1212
(~1300 years before the year 0 Old Valendian)
The Prophet Kiltia founds the Light of Kiltia religion, settles down at Mt Bur-Omisace

Age of the Galtean Alliance

Building the Alliance

~700 years ago from FF12
The Occuria gift the Garif with the Treaty-Blade
- The Garif prove unwilling to cut the Sun-Cryst with it, so the Occuria soon withdraw their gift
Raithwall battles Belius and binds it
The Occuria gift Raithwall with the Treaty-Blade, who proceeds to cut three shards from the Sun-Cryst
- The shards are the Dawn Shard, Dusk Shard and the Midlight Shard
Raithwall starts his conquest of the continent of Valendia, soon adds Ordallia and Kerwon to it
King Raithwall creates the Galtean Alliance, creates the Old Valendian calendar
- That year becomes known as 0 Old Valendian

Unknown time in this Age13
The Stilshrine of Miriam is built by the Paramina Rift, along with several human cities
The Ruins of Delgantua are built in Jylland

44 OV
Dynast-King Raithwall dies14
- The Treaty-Blade is handed over to the Light of Kiltia church
- Raithwall's eldest son inherits House Galtea and the Dawn Shard, second son B'nargin inherits the Dusk Shard and founds House Dalmasca, third son Heios inherits the Midlight Shard and founds House Nabradia

Whispers of Independence

~45-323 OV15
A member of House Ondore becomes the marquis of Bhujerba

324 OV
The senate of the city-state of Archades declares the city as the Republic of Archades

392 OV
The House Galtea dies out

Formation of Countries

394 OV
House Dalmasca and House Nabradia break the Galtean Alliance
- The two immediately go on to found their respective kingdoms of Dalmasca and Nabradia
Under the guidance of House Ondore, Bhujerba becomes an independent city-state
Republic of Archades gains independence

398 OV
House Margrace of Ambervale allies with their surrounding peoples and founds the Rozarrian Empire, start of the Old Margrace Dynasty in Rozarria

486 OV
The Tribune of the Republic of Archades passes initiative to rename the country Archadian Empire, senate passes it
- Shortly after, the Empire starts invading neighboring lands, quickly becomes the largest state in Ivalice
- New Archades is built by the old city

~500 OV
Judges and Laws are created by magickal means in western Jylland by Archmage Lezaford for Archduke Beaudonis16
Airships and glossair rings are developed by moogles17
Last records of nethicite in Ivalice before the events of FF1218
Dalmasca Royal Palace is built19

504 OV
The Old Margrace Dynasty comes to an end, Rozarria rapidly descends into a militaristic country

Forming the Modern World

~550 OV
Barheim Passage operations are stopped and the area closed20

~600 OV
The crime syndicate Khamja terrorizes Jylland21

615 OV
The first person from House Solidor becomes the emperor of the Archadian Empire
- The new emperor establishes the Ministry of law and the Judge system as safeguards against the powerful military

638 OV
Raminas B'nargin Dalmasca is born

643 OV
Gramis Gana Solidor is born

645 OV
Halim Ondore IV is born

648 OV
Cidolfus Demen Bunansa is born

~650 OV
Fran leaves Eruyt Village

665 OV
A person from House Margrace becomes the emperor of Rozarrian Empire, the New Margrace dynasty starts

668 OV
Vossler York Azelas is born

670 OV
Basch fon Ronsenburg and Noah fon Ronsenburg are born in Landis

673 OV
Foris Zecht is born

674 OV
Gramis Gana Solidor is crowned the 11th Archadian Emperor - 4th in succession from House Solidor

679 OV
Vayne Carudas Solidor, third son of Emperor Gramis, is born
Al-Cid Margrace is born

684 OV
8th/1122 - Ffamran Mied Bunansa, third son of Cidolfus Bunansa, is born

686 OV
Rasler Heios Nabradia, second prince of Nabradia, is born

687 OV
Archadian Empire conquers the Republic of Landis
- Basch fon Ronsenburg leaves the country and heads for Dalmasca, while his twin brother takes on their mother's maiden name and becomes Noah Gabranth and joins the Empire
Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca, ninth child of King Raminas, is born
Reks is born
Llyud, a special Aegyl with red wings, is born

689 OV
Vaan is born

~690 OV
The mercantile house Carm Mercantile is established in Graszton23

690 OV
Penelo is born

694 OV
Larsa Ferrinas Solidor, fourth son of Emperor Gramis, is born

695 OV
The first and second sons of Emperor Gramis Solidor stage an uprising and are killed by their younger brother Vayne

The Death of Kingdoms

700 OV
Cidolfus Bunansa meets the Occuria Venat in Giruvegan and starts researching manufacted nethicite
Ffamran Bunansa leaves the Judge institution and his home, takes on the name Balthier
Cidolfus Bunansa and Vayne Solidor create their plan to release humanity from Occuria

701 OV
The parents of Vaan and Reks die to the plague

~702 OV
The Margrace Imperial family of Rozarrian Empire starts a series of reforms to limit the power of military24

~704 OV
Nabradia makes a treaty with Rozarria to place troops near Nabradian border for support in case of an Archadian invasion

704 OV
Princess Ashelia Dalmasca and Prince Rasler Nabradia are married
Supported by Vayne Solidor, the New Rozarria faction in Nabradia starts an armed uprising, causing a civil war
Archadian Empire interferes with the Nabradian civil war, sends troops into the kingdom
Rozarrian Emprie dispatches troops to Nabradia to support the New Rozarria Faction
A month after Ashe and Rasler's wedding:
- Archadian forces defeat the Rozarrian forces in Nabradia and approach Nabudis
- Dalmasca declares war on Archadia
- Archadia conquers Nabudis. Several days after the fact, the city is engulfed in an explosion caused by an experiment on the Midlight Shard
- Archadian forces invade Dalmasca. Dalmascan military led by Basch fon Ronsenburg is dispatched to Nalbina Fortress
- Battle of Nalbina Fortress - prince Rasler of Nabradia, Velis, and elder brothers of Penelo die
Two-three months after Ashe and Rasler's wedding:
- Order of the Knights of Dalmasca continues skirmishes with the Archadian forces, while Vayne Solidor occupies the Nalbina Fortress
Four months after Ashe and Rasler's wedding:
- Reks volunteers for the Dalmascan military
- Archadian Empire offers peace for Dalmasca on condition of surrender. King Raminas travels to Nalbina Fortress to sign the peace treaty
- Basch fon Ronsenburg, Vossler Azelas and Reks infiltrate Nalbina Fortress after discovering evidence of a plan to assasinate the king. That same night, Noah Gabranth murders the king disguised as his brother. Basch is imprisoned in the Nalbina Fortress as a traitor, Reks is imprisoned and coerced with medicine and magicks to testify Basch planned the whole assasination, and Vossler Azelas escapes Nalbina
Five months after Ashe and Rasler's wedding:
- Archadian forces commence their invasion of Dalmasca, in the ensuing battles Penelo's parents are killed
- Marquis Ondore IV, pressured by Vayne Solidor, announces news of princess Ashe's suicide and captain Basch's betrayal, calls for Dalmasca to surrender. Since he declared Ashe dead, Vossler who made contact with her revokes his plan of heading for Bhujerba
- Archadian army reaches Rabanastre, and Dalmasca surrenders without condition
- With pressure from the Senate of Archadia, Vayne Solidor returns to Archades
- Judge Foris Zecht resigns, renames himself Reddas and becomes a sky pirate in Balfonheim

A New Start

705 OV
Reks dies of the aftereffects of the medicines and magicks used to force a confession out of him
Vossler Azelas establishes the Rabanastre resistance army
Marquis Ondore IV establishes the Bhujerban resistance army under the guise of the city's guide system
Reddas establishes the biggest faction in Balfonheim

706 OV
Vayne Solidor is appointed ambassador to Rabanastre
Events of Final Fantasy XII
- Explosion of the Sun-Cryst creates a hole in the paling around Lemurés
Larsa Ferrinas Solidor is crowned emperor of Archadia
Several months after Battle of Bahamut:
- Mydia learns of the existence of the Cache of Glabados from her mother's book, calls for the airship Galbana and uses it to fly to Lemurés

707 OV
Vaan and Balthier visit the Glabados Ruins, find the remaining two stones of the Cache of Glabados
Ashelia Dalmasca is crowned queen of Dalmasca25
Events of Revenant Wings (starting with the arrival of Galbana to Rabanastre)

~708 OV
Blademaster Frimelda Lotice and Blademaiden Friese are active in Jylland26

~710 OV27
Events of Grimoire of the Rift (main story portions)

~726 OV28
Saint Ajora creates a new sect of the Light of Kiltia church, stating that Faram is the only god

Timeline FFT Side

Ancient Times

Unknown time in this Age
The Ronkan Empire rules somewhere in the world from their floating Castle of Ronka, are then wiped out by a mysterious disease29
The Palamecian Empire is the greatest military power in the world30

~5000 years ago from FFT31
The last time Mount Gulg erupts

~1600 years ago from FFT, ~2000 years ago from VS32
Head Priestess Mullenkamp of the Ancient Kiltia religion founds the city of Lea Monde

Reign of Glabados

Formation of the Church

Unknown time around this period33
According to legend, the king of Mullonde summons a demon that goes on a rampage
- A great hero appears leading his twelve disciples, each bearing a 'stone' (Auracite), and they become known as the Zodiac Braves
Holy Ydoran Empire conquers Mullonde and Lionel

~1200 years ago from FFT34
Orbonne Monastery is built

~1200 years ago from FFT35
Virgo/20 (September/9) - Saint Ajora is born in Bervenia

~1200-1180 years ago from FFT
Saint Ajora is raised in Milados, is sent as a spy to the Holy Ydoran Empire
Saint Ajora starts preaching about the coming Paradise and gathering Zodiac stones in secret
- In total, Ajora gains 13 disciples - first of which is Balias, last Germonique who was actually an Ydoran agent

~1180 years ago from FFT
Saint Ajora is hanged at Golgollada Gallows by the Holy Ydoran Empire
A disaster sinks parts of Mullonde, forms the Black Coral Sea
The remaining disciples of Saint Ajora form the Glabados Church
Germonique Scriptures are written by the disciple Germonique

~1830 XX36
The Cataclysm
- Moogles and 'winged people' (possible reference to Aegyl) are wiped out immediately, along with several flourishing civilizations. The Hero-King Mesa Ricksen saves humanity.

New Beginnings

~1100 years before FFT, ~1500 years before VS
Kingdom of Valendia is founded by king Nalzarc I???37

~1000 years before FFT
The city of Yardrow is established

~540 years before FFT38
House Atkascha unifies seven warring kingdoms, establishes the Kingdom of Ivalice

788 XX39
Shortly before the first democratic elections in an unnamed country40, the anti-monarchistic Laga faction is dissolved by its president Edgar Black
- The same night, Edgar Black is murdered by a certain Ernesta Bulow (aka Simone, aka Oeilvert)
- As a result, the citizens vote for the royalty to continue

~790 XX41
The top three figures of the royalist movement in the unnamed country are assasinated, Laga faction is reformed

988 XX42
Capricorn/26 - The mathematics teacher Kayi Montesto writes the afterword for his translation of the Veil of Wiyu text from an ancient language43

The Fifty Years' War

Border Disagreements

~150 years before FFT
(~50 years before the Fifty Years' War starts)
The kingdom of Ordallia annexes the independent state of Zelmonia

78 years before FFT
Capricorn/9 - Marcel Funebris is born

76 years before FFT
Pisces/28 - Simon Penn-Lachish is born

56 years before FFT
Virgo/25 - Druksmald Goltanna, son of the Duke Goltanna and cousin of Ondoria III, is born
Scorpio/17 - Cidolfus Orlandeau, son of Count Orlandeau, is born

55 years before FFT
Libra/4 - Ludovich Baert, son of Viscount Baert, is born

53 years before FFT
Sagittarius/15 - Zalmour Lucianada is born

52 years before FFT
Virgo/4 - Goffard Gaffgarion is born
Virgo/4 - Master Darlavon is born
Scorpio/22 - Alphonse Delacroix is born

Victories in Ordallia

~50 years before FFT
King Devanne III of Ordallia dies without naming a successor

50 years before FFT
King Denamda Atkascha II of Ivalice proclaims himself heir of Ordallia and declares war
- Fifty Years' War starts
Ivalician forces march on Zelmonia and conquer it

Unknown time around this period
King Denamda II dies on the march of Ivalician forces towards Viura, the capital of Ordallia
Denamda Atkascha III is crowned king of Ivalice44
Battles between Ivalice and Ordallia continue on Ordallian ground for the next few decades while King Varoi VI of Ordallia tries to push Ivalician forces back to Zelmonia

47 years before FFT
Aries/13 - Gerrith Barrington, son of Grand Duke Barrington, is born

46 years before FFT
Leo/1 - Folmarv Tengille, son of Lord Tengille, is born

42 years before FFT
Scorpio/24 - Besrudio Bunansa is born

41 years before FFT
Nalman Hosse is born

37 years before FFT
Leo/20 - Bestrald Larg, son of the Duke Larg and relative of Ondoria Atkascha III, is born
Scorpio/1 - Dycedarg Beoulve, first son of Lord Barbaneth Beoulve, is born

35 years before FFT
Gemini/2 - Messam Elmdore, son of Marquis Elmdore, is born
Libra/19 - Gustav Margriff is born
Capricorn/1 - Loffrey Wodring is born
Capricorn/26 - Ondoria Atkascha III, son of Denamda Atkascha IV, is born

~31 years before FFT
Bestrald Larg and Dycedarg Beoulve become friends.45

30 years before FFT
Virgo/1 - Wiegraf Folles is born
Libra/12 - Beowulf Cadmus is born

29 years before FFT
Virgo/4 - Gragoroth Levigne is born

28 years before FFT
Cancer/9 - Zalbaag Beoulve, second son of Lord Beoulve, is born

Trouble on Two Fronts

~27 years before FFT46
King Varoi VI of Ordallia succeeds in pushing Ivalician forces back to Zelmonia, a decades-long period of Zelmonian battles follows between Ivalice and Ordallia

27 years before FFT
Aquarius/1 - Louveria Larg, daughter of Duke Larg, is born

~25 years before FFT
Romandan forces invade Ivalice via the Rhana Strait47
The mage Eldibus joins the fight against Romanda
Ziekden Fortress is built48

24 years before FFT
Gemini/17 - Cletienne Duroi is born
Cancer/18 - Orran Durai is born

23 years before FFT
Virgo/13 - Milleuda Folles is born
Pisces/8 - Reis Dular is born

~22 years before FFT
Ivalice regains control of Riovanes Castle from the Romandan invaders49
The mage Eldibus disappears50
Romandan army withdraws from Ivalice due to ferocity of resistance from King Denamda IV and appearance of Black Death at home

Relative Peace

~20 years before FFT
Count Cidolfus Orlandeau becomes friends with Duke Druksmald Goltanna51

20 years before FFT
Cancer/1 - Agrias Oaks is born

18 years before FFT
Capricorn/2 - Meliadoul Tengille, daughter of Folmarv Tengille, is born

17 years before FFT
Leo/25 - Valmafra Lenande is born
Libra/23 - Mustadio Bunansa, son of Besrudio Bunansa, is born

Unknown time around this time period
Duke Bestrald Larg becomes general of the Order of the Northern Sky52

16 years before FFT
Gemini/9 - Isilude Tengille, son of Folmarv Tengille, is born
Gemini/20 - Marach Galthena is born
Virgo/7 - Argath Thadalfus is born
Sagittarius/2 - Delita Heiral is born
Capricorn/21 - Ramza Beoulve, third child of Barbaneth Beoulve, is born

15 years before FFT
Taurus/23 - Ovelia Atkascha, daughter of King Denamda IV, is born
Leo/2 - Alma Beoulve, fourth child of Barbaneth Beoulve, is born
Aquarius/27 - Tietra Heiral is born

13 years before FFT
Pisces/11 - Rapha Galthena is born

Unknown time around this time period
Cletienne Duroi graduates from Royal Military Akademy of Gariland with top honors, immediately joins Knights Templar53
Zalbaag Beoulve succeeds the position of Lord Commander of the Order of the Northern Sky after his father54
The parents of Delita and Tietra Heiral die to the Black Death, Lord Beoulve takes custody of the two children55
The parents of Marach and Rapha Galthena are killed. The two wander a while as orphans until Grand Duke Barrington takes them in56

The Final Years

Unknown time around this period
King Denamda Atkascha IV of Ivalice dies of either illness or murder, Ondoria III is crowned 18th king of House Atkascha
Prince Lennard of Ordallia advances through Zelmonia and invades Zeltennia, may have reached as far as Limberry57

7 years before FFT
King Ondoria III marries Louveria Larg and she becomes the queen

~3 years before FFT58
King Ondoria III's second-born son dies shortly after birth

~2 years before FFT59
Ovelia Atkascha is adopted by King Ondoria III

Unknown time around this period
Argath Thadalfus becomes knight apprentice in Marquis Elmdore's household
Orran Durai's father is killed in Count Orlandeau's service, the count adopts him60

1 year before FFT
Scorpio/30 - Prince Orinus Atkascha, third son of king Ondoria III, is born61
A new copper vein is discovered in Ducatia Mine62
Also 1 year before FFT
Spring63 - Ramza Beoulve enters the Royal Military Akademy at Gariland64
Lord Barbaneth Beoulve dies of poison65
Delita Heiral enters the Royal Military Akademy at Gariland66
End of the Fifty Years' War
Goffard Gaffgarion is expelled from the position of division commander of the Order of the Eastern Sky for brutality67
Veteran soldiers that fought in the ranks of the Dead Men are dismissed without pay, they protest by forming the Corpse Brigade

The War of the Lions

0 years before FFT
Events of FF Tactics, Chapter 1

1 year+ after the start of FFT
Events of FF Tactics, Prologue+Chapter 2 and beyond

~2 years after the start of FFT
Delita Heiral marries Ovelia Atkascha and is crowned king of Ivalice

5 years after the end of FFT68
Orran Durai writes the Durai Papers, is executed as a traitor

Time Without Magick

Corruption in Valendia

~300 years before VS
(~100 years after FFT)
House Gurunas takes over the kingdom of Valendia???69

64 years before VS
Aldous Byron Bardorba is born

36-34 years before VS
Valendian Civil War

Valendian Modern Days

~34 years before VS
Valendian National Council is formed71

32 years before VS
Romeo Guildenstern is born

29 years before VS
John Hardin is born

29-25 years before VS72
Jan Rosenkrantz is born
Ashley Riot is born
Sydney Losstarot is born

25 years before VS
The Great Quake - the city of Lea Monde is destroyed overnight

23 years before VS
Callo Merlose is born

~20 years before VS
Sydney Losstarot gains the Blood Sin on his back73

5 years before VS, ~400 years after FFT
Arazlam J Durai writes the Durai Papers: 400 Years of Truth around this time74

4 years before VS
Joshua Corrine Bardorba is born

~2 years before VS75
Duke Aldous Bardorba retires from the Valendian Parliament

0 years before VS
Events of Vagrant Story

The Far Future

Unknown time
Events of Tactics Advance

Unknown time (some 10-20 years later)76
Events of Grimoire of the Rift (that happened in Luso's time)

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