Timeline of Hydaelyn

This page presents an approximate timeline of all known major events in Hydaelyn.
Of note are the principles used to create the timeline of 'current events' on this site. Most of the content updates are set as happening around the same time of the year in Hydaelyn as it happened on Earth. This is due to lack of confirmed stance on this issue. However, for version 1.x content it has all been confirmed to have happened on the year 1572 of the Sixth Astral Era, so that guideline is followed for that content instead.
The 2.x content is confirmed to have started five years later, making it 1577 (6AE, also the year 5 7UE if you set the latest Umbral Era to start in the same year) in Hydaelyn. Time is confirmed to move at least somewhat during the main story, from celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Battle of Carteneau to the declared start of the Seventh Astral Era, so for 2.x content until such a time as there is official word on the subject, the years and dates are set to correspond with Earth's. This principle is for the sake of adding quests somewhat accurately on a timeline. To see a complete list of quests and other events by patch, see the below.
To read more about the Eorzean calendar and eras, see here.

Events and Quests by Patch
1572 (version 1.0+)
1577+ (version 2.0+)

In the list below, years that are approximations instead of exact years are marked with a ~ before it

First Umbral Era: Wind

Unknown time in this Era
End of the era of divine
Start of the era of mankind

First Astral Era: Wind

No known events

Second Umbral Era: Lightning

No known events

Second Astral Era: Lightning

No known events

Third Umbral Era: Fire

No known events

Third Astral Era: Fire

~5000 years ago
(~3400 years before Sixth Astral Era, ~2000 years before Fifth Astral Era)
The Allagan civilization flourished on the Aldenard, Ilsabard and Othard continents
The civilization is known to have lasted a thousand years and to have been destroyed by its own meddling at its peak. This would seem to indicate that the Allagans were in power from approximately 6000 years ago until 5000 years ago, and would set 5000 years ago as the start of the Fourth Umbral Era

Summoners start to be persecuted for their powers and capability to misuse it, and the art is abolished by the end of the Era
Allagans launch to the skies the construct known as Dalamud and imprison Bahamut inside of it

Fourth Umbral Era: Earth

Allagan civilization is destroyed in a great earthquake and its aftermath

Fourth Astral Era: Earth

No known events

Fifth Umbral Era: Ice

Age of Endless Frost

Unknown time in this Era
Ancestor's of Eorzea's current-day miqo'te migrate to Eorzea
Herds of great buffaloes dominate the frozen Eorzean landscape

~3000 years ago
(~1400 before Sixth Astral Era)
Eorzeans discover magic in their quest for warmth and survival, ending the Fifth Umbral Era

Fifth Astral Era: Ice

Start of this Era
Black magic is developed by Shatotto
White magic is developed by the users of pre-conjury of Amdapor in response to the black magic
Sanctum of the Twelve is built1

~2000 years ago
(~400 before Sixth Astral Era, around the year 1000 of the Fifth Astral Era)
Latest time the Warrior tribe of the Farreach could have formed their teachings
Latest time the Astrologian teachings of the Sharlayan homeland could have taken shape

~1600 years ago
(around the year 1400 of the Fifth Astral Era)
The War of the Magi brews
A ship stranded for a year returns to Nym, bearing with it an amphora cursed by the Mhachi mages. The curse proceeds to turn everyone in contact with it into tonberries, and they are sealed in the Wanderer's Palace

The twelve Archons appear to fight the Ascians, and due to their pleading with the leaders of the states of that time, the Grand Companies are formed. Shortly thereafter, one of the Archons joins the side of the Ascians

Sixth Umbral Era: Water

~1600 years ago, Start of this Era
Overuse of magic and the resulting aetherial imbalance (as well as the awakening of Oha-Sok) brings about the Sixth Umbral Era - rain falls for 60 days and 60 nights until all but the highest peaks are submerged
The civilization of Nym collapses2
The civilization of Amdapor collapses

End of this Era
Golems disappear from Eorzea with the close of the Umbral Era

Sixth Astral Era: Water

Rebuilding a Realm: 1-400

Start of this Era
Magic is forbidden and its practitioners hunted down
The few remaining civilizations from the Fifth Astral Era collapse in the unrest

Lewphon of Sharlayan devices the current calendar, writes 'The Five Ages - An Eorzean Chronology'

Before ~370
A tribe of Elezen from southern lowlands attempts settling in Coerthas, but finds dragons already there, leading to strife between the two races

Shiva falls in love with the dragon Hraesvelgr, and their tragic relationship brings about peace between dragon and Elezen in their kingdom

Rise of the City-states: 400-1000

Unkown time in this period
Immigrants arrive to Eorzea from the Old World beyond the Bloodbrine Sea, Othard, and Ilsabard to bolster Eorzea's greatly dwindled population
The Hyur arrive to Eorzea in three great migratory waves
Belah'dia is founded by Lalafell in Thanalan
Belah'dia falls, is divided into Dunesfolk-ruled Ul'dah and Plainsfolk-ruled Sil'dih
Gelmorra is founded by Elezen and Hyur in the Twelveswood

King Thordan I, his son Haldrath and the knights twelve kill Ratatoskr and take the eyes of Nidhogg, starting the Dragonsong War
Moogles descend from the Churning Mists to the world below and came to live in the Twelveswood3
The modern-day Ishgard is founded by Haldrath and four of the knights twelve, and the latter become the founders of the four High Houses

Sultan Lalafuto IV rules Belah'dia and the Invisible City is built as his tomb4

Latest point Ul'dah could have been founded by sultan Sasagan Ul Sisigan
After the founding the Sultansworn are formed and their captain is given the Oathkeeper by the sultan, three other swords (Curtana among them) are forged and given to the three other noble knights who founded the brotherhood

Limsa Lominsa is founded in Vylbrand after the ship Galadion runs aground there
The helmsmen of the Galadion, Jean De Nevelle and Guy La Thagran are sent to explore the island, the former to east and latter to west of where the Galadion was wrecked

Paladins formed from among the Sultansworn elite5

Tides of War: 1000-1300

Unknown time in this period
The warring tribes of Gyr Abania band together to found Ala Mhigo

The Ixal migrate to Tinolqa, at this point yet have their feathers

The art of conjury begins to form out of a mismatch of spells and charms in Gelmorra, and this allowed the gelmorrans to communicate with the elementals
Ixal are banished from the Twelveswood into and migrate to Xelphatol
Gridania is founded6) by Hyur and Elezen
An organization with a Hearer leader was formed to relay the will of the elementals to botanists in a timely manner (modern-day Botanists' Guild)
An Azure Dragoon fights against a mighty dragon by Ashpool, and weakens it enough that Ishgardian sorcerers are able to put it to magical sleep

War of the Sisters7 - Sil'dih creates zombies in a war against Ul'dah and loses control of them. In response, Ul'dah seals the gates of Sil'dih trapping the remaining Sil'dihn people with the remaining zombies, thus bringing an end to the city-state
Ul'dah is relocated almost directly above where Sil'dih used to stand

The Sharlayan motherland establishes a colony in Dravania of Eorzea8

Baldric of the Thorne Dynasty is in power in Ul'dah, Little Ladies' Day tradition starts

Copperbell Mines opened by royal decree
Great Giant Revolt - Thorne Dynasty seals away hecatoncheires in the Copperbell Mines9

Copperbell Mines abandoned10
Adaunel the Younger studies Sharlayan astrology and determines that the movements of the Dravanian Horde can be divined from the stars. This leads to the birth of Ishgardian astrology11

Calm Before the Storm: 1300-1500

Latest time the last Sea Wolf vikings disappeared from the seas, having settled down
Culinarians' Guild succeeds in obtaining House Valentione's permission to use their heart sigil on Valentione's chocolates

The Ixal invent the dirigible12
Gods' Quiver starts keeping record of the skies (for Ixali dirigibles, weather)13

Naldiq&Vymelli's established14
Mad Mythril Rush15, the Miners' Guild is formed in its aftermath

The 7th awakening of Nidhogg

Ala Mhigo invades Gridania, claims East Shroud
The Autumn War

~1468 or later
Gil becomes the currency of choice in Eorzea, and the city-state specific currencies (and ancient Allagan pieces that were also used) fall out of use

Ququruka Tataruka reads forbidden tomes in the library of the Milvaneth Sacrarium, and resurrects Black magic
Ququruka chooses to be imprisoned within the Marasaja Pit
Time of the rumored last great goblin pilgrimage to the cities of man
Gigi the mammet has started accompanying the current guildmaster of Esthaime16

Halatali built as a training ground for gladiators17

The Vares are built in Coerthas by order of the Holy See to honor the first twelve of the Heavens' Ward18

Lancers' Guild founded by Wood Wailer Captain Berlends19

Solus zos Galvus is born

A New Threat: 1500-1560

Roddard Ironheart is active in his mapping of Eorzea

The Garlemald Republic is a tiny northlands country that starts expanding after learning to use magitek, led by legatus Solus zos Galvus

Various high-ranking Sultansworn officers (including the captain) are killed through poison by the Death's Embrace assassins
Solkzagyl becomes captain of the Sultansworn20

Darklight Raiders hired to kill Chimera of Cutter's Cry, only Sibold survives21)
The Elder Seedseer closes and seals the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak22

A particular famous batch of Bacchus wine is brewed in Wineport

Jannequinard de Durendaire starts studying astrology in Ishgard

The Empire of Garlemald founded, Solus zos Galvus becomes emperor
Nael van Darnus's father used Allagan technology to aid Garlemald's war efforts, earned legatus status for it
King Theodoric of Ala Mhigo nearly succeeds in wiping out Monks

Battle of Griffin Crossing23
Jehantel retires from the Gods' Quiver
Ashcrown Consortium is up and running by this time24

Unrest in Ala Mhigo against their tyrannical King Theodoric, spurred on by Garlean rumors
Garlean Empire (with the XIVth Legion) invades Eorzea
Ala Mhigo falls, is renamed Ala Mhigan Territory by Garlemald
8th awakening of Nidhogg - Ferndale is attacked by Nidhogg and destroyed
Ser Alberic Bale retires as an Azure Dragoon
Amajina&Sons Mineral Concern buys the Copperbell Mines from the royal family25

The young heir of House Durendaire is lost at sea
Ser Gorgagne, who was in charge of the lost heir, retires from duty and starts up a farmhouse in Coerthas Western Highlands
Nanamo Ul Namo is born26

A retired freelance and his comrades establish the Lominsan Adventurers' Guild at the Drowning Wench27

Jannequinard de Durendaire spends twelve moons in Sharlayan in Dravania studying astrology28

Waxing of the Seventh Moon: 1561-1572

Unknown time in this period
City guard units restructured into armies
Unrest due to now-unemployed folk

The Eorzean Alliance founded

Last of the beastmen driven out of Ul'dah (sylphs, goblins) in face of an impending Garlean invasion, decision made by the Syndicate
A large purification rite is held in Gridania, 'fails to purify Dunstan' and others
Commander Dunstan, Sigurdh, Oona and others leave for the Wood, officially they have become wildlings but in actuality it is to prepare for war

Midas nan Garlond comes up with an incomplete way to control Dalamud, the attempt destroys the Bozja Citadel, along with the lunar transmitter used in the attempt
Peace talks between Garlean Empire and Sharlayan end in failure
The majority of Sharlayan settlements in Dravania are abandoned, people evacuate to their homeland in the north
Circle of Knowing is formed with Louisoix Leveilleur at its head
Cid Garlond defects Garlemald with his companions
Battle of Silvertear Skies / Fall of the Keeper
An aetherial imbalance starts affecting Mor Dhona, the waters of Lake Silvertear recede as a result
Echo arises
Airship service to other continents ends due to Garlean aggression
Primals summoned forth by the beast tribes - Leviathan as one of the first
Garuda appears for the first time to plague the hamlets and villages of Gridania
Nanamo Ul Namo is crowned the Sultana of Ul'dah
Papashan retires from the Sultansworn, becomes stationmaster instead
Rycharde Mistbeard allegedly spreads rumors of sahagin and undead presence in Shposhae

Morys is claimed by the elementals and stowed away for years, his dragon companion turned to stone

Age of Calm: 1563-1571

Garlean forces in Eorzea retreat to Ala Mhigo and start building a defensive wall
Ishgard withdraws from the Eorzean Alliance

Ifrit appears at Mythril Pit T-3, just about destroys the place, leaves only one survivor (a man)

Company of Heroes enters into a contract with Limsa Lominsa

Company of Heroes vanquishes Leviathan and Titan for the first time, the primals return within a few moons

The first Ala Mhigan to participate in the Coliseum, Hellfire Phoenix, almost wins the tournament, then unexplicably retires after a loss. There on after, Coliseum participation fees are abolished for the Ala Mhigans

Amalj'aa settle in at the site of Zahar'ak
Raubahn the Bull wins a seat on the Syndicate through Coliseum wins
Rycharde becomes impoverished and sells the Coliseum to Raubahn
Aldis leaves Ul'dah over suspectations that he was about to fix a match at the sands
Mylla's father, the guildmaster at the time, dies from a sickness, and Mylla takes over as guildmaster

Power struggle between the sultanate military and the Monetarists29
Solkzagyl leaves the Sultansworn, and the Monetarists grab the Oathkeeper

Doesmaga is exiled from Limsa Lominsa for engaging in slave trade, K'lyhia freed and taken under the care of Mealvaan's Gate

Approaching Meteor: 1572

Ysayle gains the power of the Echo

Events of 1.0 stories - coming soon
Ser Yuhelmeric is appointed the commander of Dusk Vigil

Seventh Umbral Era

1572 Sixth Astral Era (continued)
Battle of Carteneau
Aetheric disturbances render linkpearls unusable from now for a year or two
Dalamud falls and releases Bahamut, who proceeds to destroy much of Eorzea
Warriors of Light and Louisoix disappear along with Bahamut
Syndicate member Eolande Quiveron dies in the Calamity
Aetherial travel made all but impossible for a year or two due to the disturbances in aether
Elementals greatly weakened in the Calamity
Ishgard plunged into endless winter. Most the villagers of Falcon's Nest are buried under the newly formed Snowcloak while trying to reach Ishgard. Ysayle survives and heads for Dravania
Wanderer's Palace rises as the waters of Bronze Lake is drained via River Nym
Crystal Tower rises from beneath Mor Dhona
Soldiers garrisoned at Stone Vigil seize the Enterprise30
Ywain retires from Wood Wailers and becomes guildmaster of the Lancers' Guild in Gridania31
Dusk Vigil garrison resorts to cannibalism to try survive and the remaining survivors are eventually turned into zombies32
Company of Heroes disbands
Order of Independent Companies formed

In the years 1-4 of the Seventh Umbral (1573-1576 of Sixth Astral)
Mandragora appear in various locations around Eorzea
Moogles emerge from the woods and start aiding the people of Eorzea at the behest of the padjals
Sahagin start claiming ground along the shores of Vylbrand, and the Tidegates are built in response
Highbridge built to reconnect Royal Allagan Sunway and Lumberline
Candlekeep Quay expanded to bring in artisans and supplies to Moraby Drydocks due to lack of a bridge
Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn orders the foundation of the Arcanists' Guild
Hamon is made guildmaster of Pugilists' Guild, picks up Chuchuto and Rurukuta from the streets
Twin Adders clear out the Mun-Tuy Cellars and production starts up again
Castrum Novum renamed Castrum Centri
Castrums Meridianum, Castrum Occidens and Castrum Oriens built
Amarissaix's Spire is built in East Shroud due to the new Garlean presence
Camp Bluefog is heavily fortified due to the new Garlean presence
Rostnsthal wanders off to Ishgard and eventually becomes a marksmanship instructor at the Skysteel Manufactory

The crew of the returning Braveheart discovers a new island by Galadion Bay
Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn claims the new island and names it Wolves' Den

Marauders' Guild transfer to Yellowjackets completed
Steel Vigil is taken over by an attack of the Dravanian Horde, led by Svara
Stone Vigil is taken over by the Dravanian Horde

Blind Iron Mines mostly dug out of its iron, work there becomes less
Salthounds reclaim Poor Maid's Mill for themselves

Serpent Reavers start snatching Lominsans
Leih Aliapoh joins the Archers' Guild
Shamani Lohmani becomes a novice vintner at Wineport

House Haillenarte of Ishgard establishes the outpost Camp Cloudtop in the floating islands of the Sea of Clouds33
The Ascians contact the Vanu Vanu and teach them how to summon Bismarck34

Events of 2.0 main story - coming soon

Seventh Astral Era

Events of 2.1 main story - coming soon

Events of 2.2-2.4 main story - coming soon

The Holy See tasks houses Durendaire and Dzemael with the reconstruction of Falcon's Nest35

3 (1579)
Events of 2.5 main story - coming soon
A wounded dragon falls into Loth ast Gnath, and the Gnath's victory over it prompts them to summon Ravana36
Leveva and professor Mace leave the Sharlayan homeland for Ishgard37
Sultana Nanamo Ul Namo is poisoned during a banquet, and the Warrior of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn are blamed for it
Raubahn Aldynn attacks Teledji Adeledji and is imprisoned in the Marasaja Pit
The Warrior of Light and Alphinaud Leveilleur are welcomed into Ishgard by Count Edmont de Fortemps
The Crystal Braves bring general Raubahn to Halatali where the Warrior of Light rescues him from
Events of 3.0 main story - coming soon

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