Timeline of Gaia in FFIV

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This page lists the timeline of important events in the world of Gaia in Final Fantasy IV. To see the timeline of events in the game, see here.

The 'year 0' point of this timeline is judged to be the start of FF4. Anything with a + in front of the number instead of - happens after the first game, possibly during the Interlude or The After Years. Note that anything that is listed as happening before the game is an approximation, the order of events might be slightly off.

The information on this page comes from the games FF4, Interlude and The After Years as well as the world resource Final Fantasy IV設定資料編.

Ancient Times

The world of Gaia is said to have been born from a big light in the skies that left behind several small lights - the Crystals

Gaia's continents are one, and over the course of several hundred years become the four they are today

A civilization existed on Gaia that had the art of building airships

Establishment of Nations

~ -800 years
A town forms on the fertile plains of Baron and becomes a city-state

~ -500 years
Internal strife in the city-state on Baronian plains - Three Days of Blood incident
Nation of Baron is founded
Deracine merchants wander by the Damcyan Desert, find an oasis and establish a trade post
A stray fishing boat's captain establishes a village on Mysidian shores

~ -450 years
King Baron I born
Baron Personal Guard is formed

Absalom develops the spell Blizzard

Gilbart family enters the Damcyan trade post and drives away sandworms - Night of Kotodama incident

~ -400 years
The region of Troia attracts many people to settle down, partly due to the presence of the ancient epopts who act as a link between gods and people

Duster discovers a Sand Pearl and gains influence

~ -350 years
Damcyan the nation established. King Duster is the first ruler

Gil, the unit of currency, is established in Damcyan.

~ -300 years
Ascetic monks settle down on the eastern base of Mt Hobs
The human settlement on the continent of Eblan consists of scattered outposts in the mountains
The original eight Epopts of Troia are born
Troia the nation is founded
Troia Personal Guard is formed
The last native Troian male passes away, and the Epopts come into power
The first merchant ship from Mysidia reaches Baron

The Eblan continent is consumed in a war of supremacy between three factions - north, south-west and south-east, the last of these ruled by House Geraldine

~ -200 years
Acob miscasts a Thundara and a third of Mysidia is vaporized
Sage Minwu seals away all magic and places a barrier around Mt Ordeals
Diplomatic relations established between Baron and Damcyan

Baron Dragoons is formed, partially because of the Highwind family

~ -150 years
A tsunami hits Mysidia. Sage Minwu partially lifts the seal on magic and magical development starts again
Non-aggression treaty between Baron and Mysidia
Devil's Road is established

A time period of wars on Gaia. It's unknown which nations are involved, but likely at least Baron1

The head of House Geraldine retreats into the mountains, and comes back a month later with the art of Ninjutsu

Fabul, a monk from Mt Hobs, establishes a temple which becomes known as Fabul.

~ -100 years
The wounded Dark Knight Leonart enters Fabul and gives up the way of the Dark Sword. Fabul prospers due to this
Diplomatic relations between Baron and Troia established
The continent of Eblan unites under the house of Geraldine - Abel Peace Treaty
Eblan the country is established

Abbot Fabul dies. Fabul is established as a nation

Eblan Castle construction completed

Commercial trade starts between Damcyan and Fabul

The people of Troia start successfully breeding chocobos

Modern Times

-60 years
Sage Tellah is born

-54 years
Cid Pollendina is born

Cid Pollendina discovers ancient ruins near Baron and rediscovers the art of flotation

-35 years
Yang Fang Leiden is born

King of Baron rises to power

-30 years
Theodore is born

The first airships are built in Baron

-26 years
Edward Geraldine is born

Baron airships land in Eblan. Eblan has its first foreign contacts

-24 years
Gilbart Chris Von Muir is born

-21 years
Kain Highwind is born

-20 years
Kluya dies
Cecil Harvey is born
Cecilia dies
Theodore names himself Golbez and goes to Zemus

-19 years
Rosa Farrell is born

Black chocobos discovered in Troia

-7 years
Rydia is born
Leonora is born

-5 years
Porom and Palom are born

-4 years
Luca is born

War of Crystals

King of Baron is murdered. Cagnazzo assumes his role as the former King of Baron

King of Eblan and Queen of Eblan captured and brought into the Tower of Babil to be used in experiments of Dr Lugae

0 years
Baron attacks other countries and recovers their crystals for Golbez
Mist Village is for the most part destroyed in an explosion
Sage Tellah dies
The Lunar Whale rises from the seas as per the legends of old in Mysidia
The Giant of Babil awakens and is destroyed

The Red Moon retreats farther into space so as not to disturb the denizens of Gaia again
Cecil Harvey crowned the King of Baron and married to Rosa Farrell

The Maenads

+1 years
Harley is taken into service of King Gilbart VII
Ursula Leiden is born
A Maenad first appears on Gaia

+2 years
Ceodore Harvey is born

+17 years
Meteors hit various parts of Gaia

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