Timeline of Gaia in FFI

Final Fantasy, the first of the ever-expanding series. Due to the limitations of the hardware at the time of release, the world doesn't have much background to speak of. Because of this, the game and world timelines are combined.
In addition to information from Final Fantasy I, this page lists some events only mentioned or cleared up in Dissidia.


The Past

Time of the Lufenians

  • Cid and his wife start raising a biotechnologically created child
  • Cid's country starts warring with a neighboring country and are badly outclassed, the child is recruited as a weapon
  • Cid and his wife refuse to work for their country any longer
  • Cid, his wife and the child end up in a time rift - The Rift

Time Loop

2,000 years ago

  • Garland arrives from the future and sends the Fiends there
  • The Warriors arrive from the future and defeat the Four Fiends
  • Garland reveals himself as Chaos
  • The Warriors defeat Chaos and return to the future

400 years ago

  • Tiamat appears and takes over the Flying Fortress
  • Sky People civilization is destroyed, prophecy appears
  • Five of the Sky People are sent to investigate, but are cursed by the Fiends and changed into bats

200 years ago

  • Kraken appears
  • Sea Shrine shrinks to the sea and Onrac is destroyed

5 years ago

  • Astos curses the prince of Elfheim to sleep

around 1 year ago

  • Lich appears, earth starts rotting
  • Melmot is destroyed

near past


  • The Four Warriors of Light appear with the darkened Crystals
  • The Warriors rescue Princess Sarah and defeat Garland
  • Garland is saved by the Fiends and sent to the past
  • The Warriors take care of the pirate problem in Pravoka
  • The Warriors defeat Astos, and return Matoya's Crystal Eye
  • The Warriors awaken the prince of Elfheim
  • Nerrick blows up a peninsula near Mt Duergar
  • The Warriors defeat the vampire that has taken residence in Cavern of Earth
  • The Warriors defeat Lich and the Earth Crystal shines again
  • Marilith is awakened
  • The Warriors defeat Marilith and the Fire Crystal shines again
  • The Warriors obtain the airship of lufenians with the levistone
  • The Warriors gain approval of King Bahamut1
  • The Warriors defeat Kraken and the Water Crystal shines again
  • The Warriors find the remnants of the Sky People
  • The Warriors defeat Tiamat and the Wind Crystal shines again
  • The Sages in Crescent Lake tell the Warriors about the time loop
  • The Warriors travel 2000 years back in time

The Present


  • The Warriors return from the past after defeating Chaos, and none of the events of the time loop have happened

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