Timeline of Crystal of Time

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This page presents the timeline of the world (and the game itself) in Final Fantasy Legends: Crystal of Time.

Before Crisis

Age of Magick

Solg is chased out of Mysidia, Vivi takes over as the Head of the Black Mages
Construction of the Tower of Babil starts
Chronos and Caerus create the Crystal of Time

Buildup to Crisis

BC 0002
Morrow, Aemo and Wrieg are spit out by Atomos, meet Chronos and Caerus and the Ghost Ship

BC 0000
Mysidia Crisis

After Crisis


~AC 0001+
Dwarves and elves start to withdraw from humanity, blame all of the Crisis on them
Humanity divides into two parts, the kingdom of Westa where Tower of White Mages once stood, and the kingdom of Ajima where Tower of Black Mages once stood

Middle Ages

~AC 1260
The dwarf Nerrick ends up at La Suzaku, falls in love with the human Sachi
Sachi and Nerrick are chased out of La Suzaku when she gets pregnant, end up living at Ogre Mountain
Parai is born

Prince Gordon of Westa and princess Jornee of Elheim meet as children in secret

AC 1280
Morrow, Aemo and Wrieg are spit out by Atomos, meet Prince Gordon

Present Times

AC 2015
A meteor falls in the vicinity of Nabar, carrying with it Aemo from the future
Morrow leaves Nabar with Aemo and Wrieg after encountering the Ghost Ship

Other Dimensions

The events listed here are things that happen outside of the actual world of Crystal of Time, such as the Eidolon World and the Dimensional Rift. They can happen at any time during the actual world's timeline, or be completely independent of it, and it isn't known which is the case.

Dimensional Rift

Chronos is sealed within the Crystal of Time and placed within the Dimensional Rift
A moogle friend of Chronos comes meet with her from the Eidolon World
Atomos spits out Morrow, Aemo and Wrieg in the Dimensional Rift, the three meet with Chronos

Eidolon World

Coming soon

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