The Raven

The Raven is a weekly tabloid in Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV. What follows is their self-introduction.


Gridania's leading tabloid, The Raven prides itself on its flee-footed troupe of correspondents who travel far and wide to cover news as it happens. Drive by a tenet of timely tidings, it issues extra editions with uncommon regularity. Known to pull no punches in its reporting, The Raven has earned a reputation for delivering all angles of the story to readers.


Very little is known about how The Raven operates, but it likely relies largely on its field correspondents instead of regular reporters. What is known is that the only known reporter, Kipih Jakkya, seems to be responsible for the article series The Last Word. In addition the name of one field correspondent, Oliver Goodfellow, is known. Last but not the least, one of the special correspondents is called Martyn Ironer.


What follows is a list of their published articles. The date refers to the real-world publication date.

Raven - Adventurers Scramble for Eggs (04/04/2014)
Raven - Otherworldly Presence Leaves Eorzea Spellbound! (17/01/2013)
Raven - Heavensturn Newsflash (27/12/2013)
Raven - All Saints' Wake Returns to Eorzea (18/10/2013)
Raven - Goodbye, and Good Luck (01/11/2012)
Raven - United in Prayer (25/10/2012)
Raven - Rising Panic (18/10/2012)
Raven - Garlean Movements (11/10/2012)
Raven - Alliance Takes the Offensive! (04/10/2012)
Raven - Unquiet Atomos (25/09/2012)
Raven - Atomos Identified (06/09/2012)
Raven - Aetheryte Camps Under Siege (24/08/2012)
Raven - Dalamud Approaches (16/08/2012)
Raven - Imperial Concerns (10/08/2012)
Raven - Coerthas Pummeled! (09/08/2012)
Raven - 'Neath Garuda's Shadow (25/04/2012)
Raven - Shell-shocked (11/04/2012)
Raven - Dalamud Nigh (05/04/2012)
Raven - Scrambled Eggs (26/03/2012)
Raven - Moogle Myth Made Manifest (02/02/2012)
Raven - Wolves in Sheep's Clothing (26/01/2012)
Raven - The Goobbue Tamer (18/01/2012)
Raven - Gone with the Snow (01/01/2012)
Raven - Winter is Not Coming (14/12/2011)
Raven - Light of the Future (22/11/2011)
Raven - Impudent Impulses (02/11/2011)
Raven - Impish Impositions (13/10/2011)
Raven - Twin Adder in a Tangle (03/10/2011)
Raven - The Curse of Dalamud (02/09/2011)
Raven - A Tempest of Testimonies (17/06/2011)
Raven - Toto-Rak Investigation Team Feared Lost (18/05/2011)
Raven - Case Cracked (10/05/2011)
Raven - Storm Over Gridania (27/04/2011)
Raven - Hard-boiled High Jinks (26/04/2011)
Raven - Hatching-tide (15/04/2011)

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