The Hero Gaol
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Legend of the hero Gaol and the moogle Lini. Has four chapters and an epilogue.


Chapter 1 - Tower Ruins
Gaol, the knight of the amber eyes, was out with the moogle Lini when they heard tales of a red-armed fiend in the Koringwood.

Chapter 2 - Battle in Aisen
Gaol, himself one of the Aisen 13, was adventuring with Lini the moogle when they heard that Aisen Keep had been attacked!

Chapter 3 - Magewyrm
Gaol, wielder of the twin sword "Ayvuir," was out with Lini the moogle when they were asked to drive a magewyrm out of Delia.

Chapter 4 - Salika Keep
Gaol, lover of the moon maiden Evelyn, was out with Lini the moogle when the keeplord of Salika invited them…to die!

Epilogue - Twin Swords
Seeing Gaol die horribly before his very eyes, Lini took his sword into the Eluut Sands to await the one worthy to wield it.

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