The Entite Pact and Other Scriptures

The following excerpts are from Final Fantasy XII unlockable lore bits in the bestiary.
Following the excerpts themselves is a brief mention of what mobs are required to unlock the lore page in question.

The Entite Pact

The Earth
The strength of the earth carries us, does naught but be under all, languid, resistant, a mass against which the spirit is strained and, eventually, broken. Only the power of wind may tempt the indolent soil into action.
The earth, now called, cares for you. For you, heart-cleft, and for you alone will it open and reveal the rich electrum it holds.
Gnoma Entite 006 / Dalmasca Sands

The Lightning
How better to quell the lightning's blind rage, to still the mindless roar of her answering thunder, than by drawing a veil of ice around it, cold enough to freeze passion itself?
So will the dark clouds part and let shine through a light as brilliant as the sun: the light of electrum.
Mardu Entite 019 / Giza Plains

The Fire
To prevent the ne'er-sated hunger of flame from consuming all, drink only from that water which will ne'er parch, and thereby shall it be sated.
Only then shall the shining electrum be revealed at last beneath burnt-weary ash.
Salamand Entite 055 / Yensan Sandsea

The Wind
The Wind is fickle, going where it will, brushing like maiden's hair on the cheek, bewitching men, and holding them captive.
Take the wild wind, traveler, and give it virtue through fortitude of immobilizing Earth. For wind, once frozen, is a promise. And on the day that promise is broken, will it surrender unto you shining electrum.
Sylphi Entite 071 / Ozmone Plain

The Ice
Madman! Seal all you love in ice, yet know that in the ice you will see not your own reflection, but that of others. Jealousy!
With raging thunderbolt held high, take the fickle ice captive. Only then will your heart be freed, and from within the ice, the shining electrum be revealed.
Leshach Entite / 098 / Paramina Rift

The power of holiness is salvation. The power of holiness is faith. Worship it, and it will be an absolute. Worship it, and it will know no doubt.
Yet strike it down with the power of darkness, and its eyes will open, and it shall know fear. Holiness, fearful, shall surely offer the shining electrum to you.
Diakon Entite 172 / Ancient City of Giruvegan

The Water
The power of water is the power of benediction.
Blessings to all it gives, yet it covers all, jealously wanting for itself.
Wield the roaring flame, wither the water's lust until its desire is parched and dry.
The water, once withered, will be reborn as tears, and when those tears flow, thence will you find the shining electrum.
Undin Entite 188 / Pharos

The power of darkness is a mighty power.
Yet it is as arrogant as it is tremendous, ever seeking to depose holiness and rule alone. Shine a holy light upon it until there is no shadow left in which to hide, for only then can the arrogant darkness be tamed.
The darkness will swear fealty to you, and offer up the shining electrum to your hands.
Leamonde Entite 205 / Nabreus Deadlands

Our Daily Burden

Let the Egg Sing of Miracles, Let it Sing for the Children!
So pleads Kirus Andii in her latest song of succor for the orphans of war.
Since ancient times, rainbow eggs have been prized as a miracle food - a rich source of nutrition in a small, easily portable package. Recently, however, the egg's rich taste has attracted the appetites of the wealthy, the concomitant rise in price lifting this amazing food out of the reach of those who need it most.
Axebeak 052 / Yensan Sandsea

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