The Echo

The Echo is a mysterious phenomenon in Final Fantasy XIV. A person with the power of Echo can (first randomly, later as they learn to control it at will) see the past experiences of others and participate in them as if they were there. It is unknown if this power actually transports you to the past and makes other people have memories of you from the duration of the Echo trip, or if what you experience is merely an alternate version of events created by the Echo.
Nevertheless, the main points of what happen while under the power of the Echo are real events.

An Echo trip starts with a flash of bright light and a peculiar sound. It ends with the same sound, although so far all instances seen of an Echo trip's ending have been without the light. It may be that the light only accompanies the start of a knowingly initiated Echo trip.

The player character has the power of the Echo, likely gained during the opening sequence when they witness fire in the sky. Many others have reported seeing the same phenomenon and gained Echo afterwards. For many of these people, if they speak of their experiences they become shunned and feared in society, for they know things they should not. Quite a few of these shunned ones - and many others besides, to try prevent social exclusion - come to the Path of the Twelve, an organization dedicated to gathering people with various degrees of the power of the Echo, and to solving the mystery of its existence.

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