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The Bonga Bugle is a monthly magazine in the world of Ivalice in Grimoire of the Rift. The publication seems to be lead by seeq, with both the Head Editor and the Owner being of that race.

During the game you will be given the chance to complete a Bonga Bugle mission each month. Every month has a different mission, and each of them is repeatable. Completing a Bonga Bugle mission will result in a notice being posted at the Pub for that month's Bonga Bugle edition. However, do note that the Bonga Bugle notices do not get transferred to your Clan Primer, and instead you'll have to always read them at the Pub.
In addition to the monthly editions, there is one normal notice related to the Bugle, listed below.

The Bonga Bugle (notice)

When people want their monthly dose of the good places to go, people to know, and goings-on in society both high and low, they turn to the Bonga Bugle.

Though their coverage is unparalleled in its breadth and depth, rumors persist that the Head Editor of the Bugle has been passing on his own work by posting bills at the local pub…

The Missions

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The Editions

The Blackfrost Edition

Happy New Year!

This Month in the Bugle:
Our New Year's Resolutions!
1) Early to rise. *yawn*
2) Don't be so forgetful…was it?
3) Eat less. *belch*

Other Headlines:
-Head Editor Catches Cold On Assignment
-Head Editor Blows Nose On Assignment
-Head Editor Blows Nose Again
-Head Editor Makes Mess Of Notes

A Word From Our Editor:
How many of us make New Year's resolutions but never follow through on them? And why?

Because we forget what they were. That's why I never make resolutions.

At least, I don't -remember- making any!
- —Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Skyfrost Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
The Most Beautiful Spot In The World!
Beauty without compare, faithful readers! I'd print the photograph I took, but to do so would be a disservice to the stunning beauty of the place! You must go there and see it for yourself! All of you! Now!

Other Headlines:
-Head Editor Takes 1,000 Photographs On Assignment
-Head Editor Contemplates Career As Photographer?
-Head Editor Leaves Lens Cap On
-"Night: A Study In 1,000 Images" Rocks Art World

A Word From Our Editor:
Why are famous places so popular? Maybe they became famous -because- they were popular? But what about those places where there isn't anything to do, or anything good to eat. Just a lot of scenery sitting around?

Who'd want to go there!?
- —Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Greenfire Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
Obey The Law!
Laws are made to be obeyed!
"Obey? Like a dog? Never!" you say?
"Woot!" I say!

Other Headlines:
-Secret Group More Than Rumor?
-Secret Group Members Disguised Among Us?
-Head Editor Member Of Secret Group?
-Clan [Clan Name] Seen In Secret Group?

A Word From Our Editor:
I recently polled our readers concerning their favorite law, and was rather surprised to hear that the most popular law with the young ladies was that prohibiting standing still!

Apparently, following this law has the side benefit of giving one an excellent workout, thereby killing two fat birds with one legally laudable stone!

Incidentally, my favorite law is the one prohibiting all harm to seeq…naturally! *snort*
- —Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Bloodfire Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
Workers! I Feel Your Pain!
Special one-day report from the frontline of the retail industry: The Scoop From The Shop!
What I learned: Work isn't all fun and games!

Other Headlines:
-Clerk Reveals Customer Care Secrets
"The envy of all the other clerks."
"I just wanted to see the customers smile."
-How To Shop, Head Editor Style
-That Cute Girl Who Came Into The Shop

A Word From Our Editor:
Shops. Be they ye olde shoppes, or just plain old shops, you gotta love 'em! No purchase necessary, either, you can just enjoy window shopping. I certainly do! Now and then I'll try a piece of gear on that doesn't fit, and something will snap, and I'll have to fork over my gil. Maybe that's why those shopkeepers are always yelling at me when I drop in.
- —Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Rosefire Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
Master Craftsman Goes To Pot!
Goes to make pots, that is! And I was with the miracle-maker himself, Master LePot the 3rd! Enjoy this tale of earth and effort in harmony with some very pretty pots.

Other Headlines:
-Competitive Pot Breaking Catches On With Youth
-Head Editor Celebrates Youth Culture, Breaks Pots
-Head Editor's Words To The Wise: "I just kicked it as hard as I could!"

A Word From Our Editor:
I tried making some pottery the other day—whoo boy! It was just me and the clay for twenty-four hours straight and in the end, I did it!

I made a lovely…
lump of clay.

Straightaway, I titled my work "The Lump: A Study" and quickly discarded—er, displayed it in my office.

Folks, art is hard.
- —Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Coppersun Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
O, Prima Donna!!!
…Let me just state here for the record: it was all worth it.

Other Headlines:
-Shocking! Man Sneaks Close To Prima Donna!
-Prima Donna Administers Painful Cheek Slap
-Prima Donna Throws Grown Man Like Rag Doll
-Mysterious Man In Infirmary With Serious Injuries

A Word From Our Editor:
Got any Prima Donna memorabilia? I ran some ads for armbands, necklaces, badges, towels and the like with the members' names on them, and they've been selling like hot cakes!

But I'm not selling my ultra-rare Prima Donna Pillow. That one's mine!
- —Head Editor, Bonga Bugle, from the infirmary

The Goldsun Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
Fields of Hidden Treasures!
That's what they call it, but no matter how much I dig, I get nothing! Diddly-squat! Why!?

That's the real mystery here.

Other Headlines:
-Dig Like You Mean It! Man Digs Hole After Hole, Finds Nothing
-Rescue Operation! Man Fall In Hole, Can't Get Out
-Hole-Digger Sent To Infirmary With Serious Injuries
-Head Editor's Words To The Wise: "Hole-Digging—Just Say No."

A Word From Our Editor:
Why do treasures come spilling from the depths of the earth? Did some mysterious mage cast magicks to put them there? Did some kindly soul sneak out and bury them in the dark of night for our amusement?

Some say it's just some rich house slinging its rubbish. And you know what they say about one man's rubbish.
- —Head Editor, Bonga Bugle, from the infirmary.

The Silversun Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
Hunting The Haunts!
A fierce battle to the undeath ensues between our heroic Head Editor and the forces of ghostliness. We've got the scoop here!

Other Headlines:
-I Ain't Afeared Of No Poltergeists! Now Taking Orders For "Auntie's Anti-Haunt Charms"
-Debate: Is Our Head Editor Afraid of Ghosts!?
-Special Column: Our Head Editor Weighs In: "Me And Auntie — The Meaning Of After Life"

A Word From Our Editor:
My auntie's an awfully gentle soul. When I was but a boy, I'd come home crying, and she'd sing me a song, or give me a treat, and I'd feel all right. I'll never forget your kindness, auntie! Just stop haunting me!
- —Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Ashleaf Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
Galmia Pepe!!!
An exclusive interview with a Pepe employee!

Q. Tell us, what's your favorite direction?
A. You mean, like…a compass direction? Um, North, I guess?

Q. In your opinion, which eye would you say you blink more, the left or the right?
A. Um…don't they blink at the same time?

Q. Are you the kind who can't sleep without a light on in the room?
A. When are you going to ask me real questions?

Q. Why have you answered all my questions with questions?
A. Right. Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day.

Other Headlines:
-Mystery! The Case Of The Missing Memo Pad
-Hit Song: "Making It Up Is Hard To Do."
-Head Editor's Words To The Wise: "Unprepared? Be prepared to deal with angry people."

A Word From Our Editor:
Did you know that spiffy hat I'm always wearing is a bona fide Galmia Pepe?

I got a discount, of course.
- —Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Mistleaf Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
Power Beyond Reckoning, Reckoned!
Clan [Clan Name] Results:
"Strong To The Extreme"
I remember, he ran up to me and said: "Hey Head Editor, you okay? You just leave that big guy to me! You've got your back problems to think of!" (Want to read more? Look inside!)

Other Headlines:
-Required Reading: The Way To Win Battles
-Winning With Points For Style
-A Cheer For Strong-arm Headhunters, House Bowen! "Not bad, you guys!"

A Word From Our Editor:
Little did you know it, but this tourney is one way to become truly famous as a clan.

No, -the- way!

Win big here, and you join an exclusive circle of past winners that include such luminaries as the 100 Geniuses, Violene, the Arbiters of Death, and many, many more!
- —Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Emberleaf Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
Crime: It's More Organized Than You Think!
Obtained: Rare Footage Of Syndicate Turf Wars!

The Violent Syndicate
The Evil Syndicate

Other Headlines:
-Shocking! Boy Turns To Life Of Crime!
-Appalling! Battle Without Honor Or Mercy!
-Head Editor's Words To The Wise: "The barman's mad at me again."

A Word From Our Editor:
Our special on organized crime isn't selling very well. I guess our fairer readers don't go for the down and dirty reportage we've come to be known for. So, why do we insist on doing a crime special once a year? Is this someone's idea of a bad joke!? Can't wait for next year's Emberleaf edition…
- —Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

The Plumfrost Edition

This Month in the Bugle:
All Hail Our Owner!!!
Master of sword in field and quill at desk! Superb on the attack, superfluous on the defense! Quick to dine, and quicker to nap! What's the secret to his miraculous powers!?

Other Headlines:
-What Do Bugle Employees Think Of Our Owner?
"Those pink neckties are…amazing."
"His feet stin— smell incredible!"
"His airship loan is second to none!"
"I'm not sure how we're still in business."

A Word From Our Editor:
I did a little peeking into Our Owner's history for this special feature and found a curious connection between Our Owner, a member of the Clan Mates Adventurer's Guild, and the Seeker of Slaughter!

That's right, these three individuals were once in a clan together! Not only that, their clan was a real go-getter, much like today's House Bowen.

I was sadly unable to discover why they disbanded, or why Our Owner is such a wim— er, so reserved these days.

Then again, with clan members like that, I suppose it had to fall apart sooner or later!
- —Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

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