The Adventurer's Handbook and Other Tips

The following excerpts are from Final Fantasy XII unlockable lore bits in the bestiary.
Following the excerpts themselves is a brief mention of what mobs are required to unlock the lore page in question.

The Adventurer's Handbook

Bundle of Needles
Ye adventurers only beginning on your travels: your first task should well be the collection of 1,000 needles from the fickle cactoid.
Upon plucking this collection, you will find yourself not only the proud owner of a bundle of needles, but possessed of great experience in interminable combat withal, and, should you sell it, a pittance of coin.
If making a bundle exceeds your capabilities, the adventurer is urged to reconsider his or her vocation and take up employ about town. Adventuring is not all fun and games, mark you.
Cactoid 001 / Dalmasca Sands

Broken Sword
Have you slain the sweet-singing baritine croc? Then look into its belly for the lost treasures of those who hunted this wily beast and fell. You may claim a broken sword or the like. Do with your findings what you will, but we recommend turning a profit. Whatever it meant to those who came before, to you it's a treasure with which to line your pockets. Then again, you could use it to arm and armor yourself, adventurer. Who knows, it may be your broken sword that is found next.
Baritine Croc 021 / Garamsythe Waterway

Throat Wolf Blood
Just about anyone can see the value of a well-furred pelt. Still, there are some treasures you'd even give up a fine pelt to possess.
One famous example: throat wolf blood.
I won't go into the market price, but seeing adventurers lusting after furs with the merest bit of the blood splashed on them… Well, I think you get the idea.
Worgen 113 / Mosphoran Highwaste

The giant eggs of the iguion are a prized rarity.
Only the fanciest of the marketers of fancy foodstuffs carry this rare sort of frogspawn, and fewer still are those who know its true value. Why? Because this knowledge is so prized that if two who are in the know happen to meet, a fight to the death ensues, and the world is soon short one… or sometimes two who knew.
Iguion 128 / Phon Coast

Vampyr Fang
Few things bring to mind 'ill luck' so readily as a vampyr fang.
Yet the things are famous among apothecaries and their ilk as a vital ingredient in wards and charms against curses!
And, apparently, not just any fang will do the trick. I'd have no idea how to tell a vampyr fang from a regular, pointy one, if I had to look into such a mouth, and I do hope I never have the pleasure. If you want one, you'd best be ready to grope around in some pretty nasty places.
Maybe you'll get your fang yet. Maybe you'll lose a few fingers in the process. Either way, count me out!
Abysteel 138 / Sochen Cave Palace

Behemoth Steak
If you've confidence in your abilities as an adventurer, it's said the behemoth is the perfect test of one's mettle.
Should you defeat one, your confidence will grow still further, and the vitality you gain by consuming a behemoth steak will help you to yet greater feats.
In this world where the strong eat of the weak, there can be no mistaking but that this is the true path of those who would succeed.
Behemoth 152 / Feywood

Mirror Scale
There's good reason why smiths favor scales polished to a mirror finish when making armor.
Those who see their own reflection, and the rage burning in their eyes, in mirror scale armor are stricken, unable to move, until their enemy frees them eternally from shame.
It is as though they are slain by their own image.
Mirrorknight 158 / Feywood

Coeurl Whisker
Ah, the famous coeurl! While one may scoff at its high-priced pelt, few are those who would pass up the chance to claim one of those distinctive whiskers!
More than any monetary value, it is the sheer difficulty of obtaining this rare prize that compels the true adventurer to dust off his sword arm and take up the challenge. And what a choice! Claim the fine, expensive fur, or risk bloodying it for the chance to claim that elusive coeurl whisker?
If this seems like the perfect conundrum to you, you're a true adventurer.
Ose 161 / Ancient City of Giruvegan

Broken Greataxe
'Tis the height of folly to brandish arms against a tyrant that has no more form than a mirage.
The broken greataxes left by those who tried and failed should be proof enough of that.
In order to truly defeat a foe, one must know more than the foe's character and physiology. One must listen to what the dead have to say on the subject.
No one wants to be next in line to have their greataxe broken.
Giruveganus 163 / Ancient City of Giruvegan

Frog Oil
There's a trick to getting your hands on some of the salve known as frog oil.
See, the oil runs through the body along with the blood, and when it reaches the head-horns, only the oil is secreted from the tips. So that's where you need to look.
However, should you kill the creature, blood and oil will congeal, making the oil impossible to extract.
That's why, if you need a lot of oil, you have to cut the horns off while the creature is still alive.
I didn't say it was easy.
Speartongue 189 / Zertinan Caverns

Soul of Thamasa
Though it be the avatar of an evil soul, this does not mean its heart is wholly given to corruption; for as there exists no perfect good in this world, so there exists no perfect evil.
Take the oversoul, for instance. Truly as black a concentration of evil as ever there was, but here, too, we find a sliver of goodness: the Soul of Thamasa. For it is truly a light of unclouded love, and a boon from heaven to the saviors of souls.
Oversoul 207 / Necrohol of Nabudis

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