Team Nora

Team Nora (チームノラ [team nora] in Japanese) is an anti-Sanctum resistance group in the land of Cocoon in Final Fantasy XIII. They originate from the town of Bodhum, but operate further afield from the town as well. Judging by Episode Zero, the local law enforcement is somewhat familiar with them.
The leader of the group is Snow Villiers, and other members of the group are Gadot, Lebreau, Maqui and Yuj. It is possible that the group includes some other lesser members, but these five are the core of Nora. The name Nora refers to a stray dog.

Most of Nora's former activities are unknown, although they hang around in a beach bar that Lebreau has. The only big act of theirs that appears in the game is the armed assault on forced emigration to Pulse due to the appearance of a Pulse fal'Cie in the borders of Bodhum. All the members at that point appear very familiar with weaponry and stay absolutely calm even with explosions happening all over and PSICOM weaponry coming at them. This seems to point at past armed conflict, enough for them to become used to such things.

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