Tavern Rumors in FFT

In Final Fantasy Tactics, when you enter a tavern you can ask the master for the latest rumors. The various rumors available give much more background information on the various topics mentioned throughout the main story. They have been listed below in the order they become available.

The Corpse Brigade

Brigandry is on the rise across the land, and Gallione has by no means been spared. Wains are struck and pillaged, high-ranking officials taken at sword-point. Mst of the incidents of this past six-month are believed to be the work of a company of felons and former sellswords known as the Corpse Brigade.

It is oft said the only good brigand is a dead brigand, and the Order of the Northern Sky would like naught more than to see the Brigade made corpses for true. But as yet, it is all the knighthood can do to keep the outlaws in check.

King Ondoria III

The health of King Ondoria III has been a subject of concern since his collapse at the birthday celebration of Prince Orinus. The Board of Chamberlains has since announced that the king has regained consciousness and his fever has broken, but will yet require several weeks of quietude and bed rest in order to recover.

Many speculate that it may be some months before the king resumes his official duties. However, Queen Louveria and her retainers have long been in charge of most affairs of state, and thus few problems are anticipated during the king's absence.

The Fifty Years' War

The half-century of conflict between Ivalice and Ordallia is today known as the Fifty Years' War.

The beginning of the Fifty Years' War can be traced to the death of Ordallia's King Devanne III, and his failure to name a successor. His cousin, Varoi VI, was next in line for the throne; however, King Denamda II of Ivalice (the uncle of Devanne III) proclaimed himself the rightful heir and declared war on Ordallia.

However, this was merely a pretense to justify the invasion of the neighboring Ordallian province ot Zelmonia. Once an independent state, it had been annexed by Ordallia nearly a century prior. Ivalice had since been aiding the province in an effort to weaken Ordallia - an effort that ultimately failed. Tired of Ordallian rule, the Zelmonian leadership and nobility secretly petitioned Ivalice to take a more direct hand in their liberation.

After a victory in Zelmonia, the Ivalician armies marched on the Ordallian capital of Viura. As fate would have it, Denamda II succumbed to fatal illness on the road. The momentary confusion amongst Ivalice's troops gave Ordallia the opportunity it needed to regroup, and Varoi VI succeeded in pushing the Ivalicians back as far as Zelmonia. The resulting impasse would not be broken until the Romandan army's invasion two years hence.

Romanda, a powerful military state lying across the Rhana Strait, marched on Ivalice at the behest of Varoi VI, a blood relation of the Romandan nobility. However, Denamda II's successor Denamda IV was a fearless warrior, personally leading his men into battle against the combined might of Romanda and Ordallia. This, along with an outbreak of the Black Death in Romanda, forced the Romandan army to withdraw after only three years.

Two military orders worthy of particular mention in this conflict are the Order of the Northern Sky, led by Knight Gallant Barbaneth Beoulve, and that of the Southern Sky, led by Cidolfus Orlandeau, known also as the Thunder God.

After countless victories at home, these two orders had been poised to advance into Ordallia. However, the protracted conflict had begun to take its toll on domestic morale. Peasant uprisings and revolts throughout Ivalice and Ordallia forced both countries to send their troops home to pacify their own citizens, resulting in another stalemate.

It was Denamda IV's sudden death by malady that broke the stalemate, although some claim that he was murdered. His successor, Ondoria III, was ill suited to the throne, and left the governing of Ivalice to his queen and retainers. Without Denamda IV's leadership, the armies of Ivalice had little prayer of preventing Varoi VI's successor, Prince Lennard, from defeating the troops stationed in Zelmonia and advancing into Ivalice proper.

Despite the valiant efforts of the Northern and Southern Orders, Ivalice failed to repel Prince Lennard's invasion of Zeltennia. Ivalice's leaders soon began looking for a peaceful alternative. In the end, both states agreed that prolonging the war would prove mutually detrimental, and a pact was signed allowing each nation to return to addressing domestic strife. An equal peace in name, it was in reality a defeat for Ivalice.

The economy of Ivalice was brought to the very birnk of ruin as it struggled to pay reparations to its former enemies and to repay the loans taken from neighboring states to fund its war effort. Soldiers returning from the front found themselves without pay, and entire orders of knights were summarily discharged from service. The swelling ranks of the unemployed did little to relieve the people's distrust of the Crown and the nobility.

The Assasination Attempt

While the Corpse Brigade has been vanquished, their leader Wiegraf Folles continues to evade justice. And even as the Order of the Northern Sky worked to round up the last of the Brigade, former Brigade members led an attack on the manse of the esteemed House Beoulve at Eagrose. Their target is said to have been none other than Duke Larg's advisor, Lord Dycedarg Beoulve. Fortunately, the attempt was thwarted.

In the Wake of the King's Demise

Since the death of King Ondoria III, Queen Louveria's campaign to seize total control of the government has proceeded apace. All who oppose her - even members of the Council - are mercilessly stripped of their rank. Even the queen mother, who had openly criticized the actions of her son's wife, was banished to Bunahan, never to return. Her fate is unknown, although some say she was poisoned.

The Dukes Larg and Goltanna

Duke Larg, trueborn brother of Queen Louveria, and Duke Goltanna, cousin of the late king, are locked in a fierce political struggle for control of Ivalice. Both men hope to be appointed guardian of Prince Orinus and thus gain the title and authority of regent. Although the queen supports Duke Larg, a goodly number of nobles and Council members appear to back Duke Goltanna, and there are rumors he may be officially appointed regent ere long.

Widespread Peasant Revolt

Peasants riot throughout Duke Goltanna's province of Zeltennia. This sudden outbreak of civil unrest stems from the unanticipated loss of crops due to last year's drought, coupled with the burden of taxes that have been steadily rising since the end of the Fifty Years' War. A group of former knights calling itself the Order of the Ebon Eye appears to be fomenting the violence, even as Baron Grimms' Blackram Knights struggle to contain it.

Princess Ovelia Kidnapped

Princess Ovelia has been kidnapped from Orbonne Monastery. Witnesses claim the knights responsible bore the crest of the Black Lion, leading many to conclude that it was the work of Duke Goltanna's Order of the Southern Sky. The duke, however, denies involvement and is dispatching a search party in an effort to prove his innocence. Given the unrest in Zeltennia, it seems doubtful he will be able to spare many men for the effort.

The Legend of the Zodiac Braves

Long ago, before Ivalice was united as it is today, the land was divided into seven kingdoms: Zeltennia, Fovoham, Lionel, Limberry, Lesalia, Gallione, and Mullonde. Each kingdom clashed with the others in an endless effort to expand its own territory.

The conflict continued for centuries, until a brave and ambitious young king appeared in Mullonde. This king dreamt of uniting all of Ivalice under his hand, but such feats are not with ease achieved. Turning to ancient tomes and the dark magicks found within, he summond a demond from the netherworld to do his bidding. But once unleashed, the demon could not be controlled. It slew the king and set out to destroy the world of men.

Twelve brave warriors were gathered to slay the demon and thefould horrors that it had summoned. They soon defeated the horrors and banished the demon back to the netherworld. These twelve warriors each carried with them a crystal engraved with a sign of the zodiac, and so became known as the Zodiac Braves.

Zodiac Stones

These crystals are said to date from the age of myth. Each bears the mark of a sign of the zodiac, leading them to be called the Zodiac Stones. They are thought to harbor divine power which allowed the Zodiac Braves to perform astonishing miracles. Their last appearance in historical records dates from the time of Saint Ajora. Since then, the Zodiac Stones have remained hidden from mortal sight.

The Baert Trading Company

The Baert Trading Company, a successful trading company based in the merchant city of Warjilis, has garnered the favor of the populace by donating generously to bridge - and road - building projects, as well as to local orphanages. But not all of the talk surrounding this company is favorable. Many say the true source of the trading company's wealth is of a most unsavory nature - opium smuggling, slave trading, and even murder most foul.

A Stalemate

Three months have passed since the Battle of Groffovia - the first full-scale battle between the forces of Lesalia and Limberry on the plains that define the border of their two lands. Formidable knights, once allies in war, now meet each other as enemies on the battlefield in skirmishes with no clear victor - bloody clashes that have resulted in close to four hundred thousand casualties.

Many say that the two sides have reached an impasse, and the prospect of a protracted struggle does little to bolster the already low spirits of the people.

Princess Ovelia Saved

Princess Ovelia, abducted from Orbonne Monaster, has now been rescued. To the shock of many, the culprits were Duke Goltanna's aide Chancellor Glevanne and, it seems, Queen Louveria herself. Rumor holds that the queen instructed the chancellor to dispose of the princess, thus placing her own son next in line for the throne. Chancellor Glevanne has been put to death for the plot, but the queen denies all knowledge of it.

The young warrior who saved the princess is said to be a lieutenant in Baron Grimm's Blackram Knights by the name of Delita Heiral. In honor of his achievement, he is expected to be given leadership of the knights in place of Baron Grimms, who was killed in battle against the Order of the Ebon Eye.

The Death of Cardinal Delacroix

It has been three months since the death of Cardinal Delacroix, liege lord of Lionel. Although his death has been attributed to malady, many speculate that he was assassinated. Some even say that he was slain by an otherworldly fiend. The violent assault on Lionel Castle by a band of brigands on the eve of Delacroix's death lends momentum to such outlandish rumors, for strangely enough, the slain appeared to have been crushed to death.

Drought and Flood

Famine the likes of which have not been seen in decades has descended upon Ivalice. The eastern lands of Zeltennia and Limberry suffer from a drought which has reduced the harvest to half that of a normal year. And to the west in Gallione and Fovoham, widespread flooding has also destroyed close to half of all crops. The capital of Lesalia is awash with refugees who have lost their homes in the war, or who are simply in search of food.

Marquis Elmdore Slain

The marquis Elmdore de Limberry, dubbed the "Silver Prince" by his friends and "Silver Demon" by his foes, was slain by a stray arrow in battle on the Fusse Plains. Despite his noble title, he was a popular figure amongst the common people and a devout member of the Church of Glabados. A steady stream of mourners pay respects at his grave. He was a steadfast general of Duke Goltanna's and it seems a certainty that his death will affect the war.

A Turning Point

Having apparently lost patience with the long stalemate, Duke Larg's troops have at last taken action. The Order of the Northern Sky, along with most of the soldiers on the front lines, have marched on Fort Besselat. Besselat is an indispensable strongpoint in the battle against Zeltennia, and capturing it
would give Duke Larg's forces access to Limberry's abundant food supply. This battle could well be the key to victory.

The Horror of Riovanes

Just as rumors of the otherworldly fiend that attacked Lionel Castle begin to die down, another is now said to have appeared at Riovanes - the residence of Grand Duke Barrington. More than five hundred men lost their lives in the ensuing battle. No witnesses survived and there are no clues as to what occured. Those who have seen the aftermath say that they will never forget the scores of corpses, some with their heads crushed like melons.

The Haunted Mine

Monsters have taken up residence in one of the many coal mins in Gollund. The local government sent out a call for knights to slay the beasts, but the war has made finding able-bodied men difficult. Anxious to be rid of the monsters, the government is now offering a reward for any commoner who can slay them. One can only hope that such a hero will be found soon.

Lionel's New Liege Lord

Several months had passed since the murder of Cardinal Delacroix, and the question of who would succeed him as liege lord of Lionel had been on everyone's minds. Although a fierce struggle for power no doubt occurred behind the scenes. Celebrant Bremondt was chosen in the end as expected. He is known for his genial disposition and uncompromising pursuit of heretics, and most have high hopes for his future as Lionel's new ruler.

Rash of Thefts

Clergymen from all over Ivalice have been reporting thefts as of late. All of the items stolen have been jewels in the care of religious institutions, leading the Church of Glabados to conclude that the crimes are the work of heretics or other enemies of the Church. Anticipating further incidents, it has warned its members to exercise particular vigilance.

A Call for Guards

The city of Bervenia has donated a treasure known as the Wailing Orte to the city of Dorter, and a merchant has been commissioned to make the delivery. However, recent rumors of bandits on the trade routes have him too frightened to make the journey. He seeks guards with strong swordarms to protect him along his way.

The Cursed Isle of Nelveska

The isle of Nelveska lies some eighty thousand dohms north of Zeltennia. The center of the island is home to the ruins of many ancient temples which served as a crucial base for the warriors fighting Ordallia's forces during the Fifty Years' War. Although Nelveska may appear to be a lush jungle paradise, the local fishermen avoid it, claiming that it is cursed, and a "fearsome iron sentinel" will slaughter any who dare approach.

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