Tablet of Memory

The Tablet of Memory is a collection of bits and pieces of writings on Valhalla and the culture of Paddra.

To read all of the Tablet in Final Fantasy XIII-2, you must collect the fragment items Crimson Crystal, Azure Crystal, Forest Crystal, Amber Crystal and Violet Crystal. It bears noting that all of them are part of the category Oracle of Etro, and while the subject matter certainly seems to be the seeress and everything related to her goddess, Etro, it appears that the writers of the tablet were not part of the Paddran culture as they seem to be documenting the culture from the outside.
Another fact that bears noting is that all the crystals are obtained from either red or green cactuar statues on the Archylte Steppe, and the nomads that inhabit the steppe call the statues 'stone tablets'.

Tablet of Memory

Valhalla is a world that is connected to every age, every timeline. When the seeress of the Farseers gazes into the future, Valhalla is at the heart of the vision. The seeress also has the power to send her inner voice through Valhalla and then to the time and place of her choosing. However, only those with great chaos in their hearts are able to hear the words of the seeress.

In the heart of Valhalla stands Etro's temple. The throne that sits within, the throne of the goddess, is always empty. No one can say how long the goddess's temple has stood in this place. In a world where time does not exist, such a question has little meaning. Some speculate, however that the goddess built the temple with her own hands, as a prison for some long-forgotten enemy.

The seeress of the Farseers knows the exact moment she will die. However, she is forbidden to change the timeline in order to save herself. The seeress has no choice but to accept her preordained end. This is the law of the Farseers. Each change of the timeline creates new victims, spawns new tragedies, and not even the seeress can tell how great those losses shall be.

Valhalla, where the temple of the goddess stands, floats on the vast ocean of chaos into which all things must flow. There is no beginning or end to chaos. Those that fall into its waters are condemned to float for eternity in the rift between life and death. The ocean of chaos has drowned the Pedestal of Time. There, on that holy of holies, did the goddess Etro first step into the Unseen Realm. But as her power waned, the sacred spot where her foot touched soil sank beneath the sullen waves.

The seeress of the Farseers has left us many prophecies, but amongst them the most enigmatic must surely be this: 'When Valhalla consumes the sky, a new star flashes like lightning, and in the heavens twinkles distant hope.' What does it mean when 'Valhalla consumes the sky'? What is the new star that flashes in the sky? Does this prophecy foretell a future of salvation - or destruction? No one can say.

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