Suzaku Crystal

The Vermilion Bird1 Crystal (朱雀クリスタル [suzaku crystal] in Japanese) is the guardian Crystal of the kingdom of Rubrum in Final Fantasy Type-0. The Crystals are said to be shards of hope given to the humanity by the gods, and they have various individual powers that the people of the realm's Crystal bestows upon them.

The power the Suzaku Crystal gives its people is the power of magic, both for spells and for creating paths for summons to arrive. These summons can take the shape of War Gods that wield strong powers in battle but retreat back to where they came from after a certain amount of time has passed, or smaller creatures known as moogles that stay in this world once summoned.

Suzaku Crystal is known to have at least two l'Cie under its control. These are Zhuyu Voghfau Byot, the Primus l'Cie, and Ceatuna, the Secundus l'Cie. On the day of Finis after Ceatuna's death, it calls forth Rem Tokimiya as a l'Cie, although it's unknown if she became a Primus or Secundus.

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