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While usually summoners are no more than a special ability regular people are capable of, in some Final Fantasies the summoners are actually a race or tribe of people, even though quite similar to humans. In these games, having the blood of a summoner is required to be able to summon Eidolons.
This page concerns the race of summoners.

Final Fantasy IV

The summoner tribe in FF4 is a small group of people, nearly extinct, that are capable of calling upon the powers of the Eidolons. All of them (that are known) live in the village of Mist.

Very little is known about the customs of the summoners. However, it appears that a summoner is capable of bonding with a certain Eidolon, tieing the life-force of the two together. Killing one's corporeal form means death to the other (at least, in the case of Eidolon being killed the human dies as well). Summoners also appear to have a set of five laws governing the art of summoning1.

Five Laws of Summoning
1. Be friendly towards the Eidolons
2. Don't fail to say thank you
3. When they've attacked once, always let them return right after
4. For your own safety, always take cover immediately after summoning
5. Don't summon an Eidolon thoughtlessly without reason

It is possible there are no visible markings to separate summoners from other bloodlines of humans. There is a chance that unusual colors (such as the green hair exhibited by the summoner Rydia) are more common on summoners, if not a defining trait.

Final Fantasy IX

The summoners in FF9 appear to be a race of their own, although certainly similar-looking enough that you can confuse one for a human…at least if you ignore the horn. Every summoner is born with a small horn on their head, not quite low enough to be on the forehead. As with the FF4 summoners, there is a possibility that unusual colors (such as the purple hair exhibited by the summoner Eiko Carol) are more common on summoners.

In the present day, summoners have almost died out. There are only two known summoners alive, the very young Eiko Carol and the teenaged Garnet Til Alexandros XVII, whose horn was cut when she was very young.

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