Street Corner Musings

The following excerpts are from Final Fantasy XII unlockable lore bits in the bestiary.
Following the excerpts themselves is a brief mention of what mobs are required to unlock the lore page in question.

Street Corner Musings

Magic Stones
When things want craftin', a rock what's got magick in it, even a sniff, is the order o' the day.
Now you don't need to know what to do with it, but you do need to know this: Adventurers need society just like society needs adventurers. "What's that got to do with the price o' potions, Leryll?" I hear you ask. Well, them very same stones what you adventurers earn an honest gil floggin' at market just happen to make the world go 'round, too. Simple as that. …How'd you know my name,
Leryll, Archer
Tiny Battery 036 / Barheim Passage

Stones, Magicite and Stronger Stuff
You've heard of wind stones and ice stones, right?
Well, my friend, there is a stone more powerful than either… magicite!
Oh… you, er, knew that, did you? What's that you say? There's aught more powerful than magicite?
Crystals, they're called?
Well that's something I've not seen.
Eh? And there's another stone more powerful still?
Kennie, Time Mage
Lizard 089 / Paramina Rift

Visit Shops Often
There's plenty of work in the world.
I don't know what it is you want to become, but take my advice: look at the tricks of many trades, and look well. If nothing else, the knowledge you gain will help you on your travels.
And visit shops frequently: you'll find what you need sooner or later.
Nakhiro, Onion Knight
Wild Onion 097 / Paramina Rift

You've heard of the halcyons - greatest among the magicites, bearing the likeness of entites, no?
They must be powerful, to be named after such beings as the salamand entite, or the undin entite!
'Course, I've no idea how one would go about getting such a beauty, 'cept stealing it straight from an entite itself! Hah!
Pemain, Appraiser
Zombie Knight 143 / Sochen Cave Palace

Zodiac Stones
Man, monster, all heed the sway of the stars.
All lives are guided by twelve stars, and the star to which you belong determines your fate.
When the fire of a life dies, sometimes, rarely, it leaves behind a gemstone of great beauty.
When the wheels of fate stop, and the soul leaves its starry home, then does it become a jewel.
Unknown Astrologer
Mistmare 187 / Pharos

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