This page handles various item storage methods present in Final Fantasies. The most obvious and not handled in further detail is the basic inventory in every game, where items go by default when you obtain them. It may or may not have different sections for common items and key items, and may or may not be limited in number - note that in games where early versions had limited inventory usually have unlimited inventory in later versions.

Fat Chocobo

Fat Chocobo is the earliest inventory extension in Final Fantasies. It is present in FF3 and early versions of FF4. Both games had a very limited inventory, and use of the Fat Chocobo enabled hanging on to more items, although for a cost. Aside from finding a place where Fat Chocobo could be summoned, summoning him cost one bunch of Gysahl greens.

Note that in the 3D remakes of FF4, the inventory extension feature of the Fat Chocobo was removed, and he started offering minigames instead.

Character Inventories

Instead of a regular inventory (or in addition to one), some games offer character-specific inventories. In these cases, items must be given directly to a character for them to use it. Items can be exchanged by taking them back into general inventory and then distributing to different characters, or by dropping on the ground and having a different character pick it up, depending on the type of the game.

Character Inventory Only
Crystal Chronicles
My Life as a King

4 Heroes of Light

Note that the general storage Storage Chest in FF4HL can only be accessed in specific points in town.

Final Fantasy XI

There are quite a few item storage methods in FF11. Below is a list, you can find details on each method on its own page. Note that inventory (and by extension Mog Satchel) can be extended with Gobbiebag quests. Note also that only inventory, satchel and sack can be accessed everywhere, all other options require accessing them from a specific type of NPC.

Mog Safe (1+2)
Mog Locker
Mog Satchel
Mog Sack

Storage for Payment
Armor Storer NPCs
Event Item Storer NPCs
Porter Moogles

Final Fantasy XIV

While not quite as extensive a selection as in FF11, the other FF MMORPG has some competitive storage options available for players. Note that both inventory and armory chest can be accessed everywhere, other options require a specific access point.
Please be aware that many collectible items (such as mounts and minions) do not take up inventory slots once in usable form, they can be summoned/used from a list like abilities are.

Armory Chest

Storage for Payment

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