Starlight Celebration

The Starlight Celebration is the mid-winter festival in Eorzea. Read below for the history of the celebration.

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The history of Eorzea is a dark one, stained with the blood of those who have fallen victim to innumerable episodes of strife. Several generations ago, one such episode erupted into a series of battles that not only claimed countless lives, but left thousands homeless and without food. Yet none were hit harder than the children of Ishgard, who, in addition to being left hungry and alone, were forced to endure the chilling alpine winds of Coerthas in order to simply survive.

But it is oft said, the darker the history, the brighter the acts of good do shine.

Each night, while on their routine patrols of the city, a handful of Ishgardian knights would seek out these children and offer them room and board within the walls of their company barracks. This, of course, was strictly forbidden by the knight's charter, and so the kind men and women, many of them once orphans themselves, would disguise the children in the jackets of their scarlet uniforms, allowing them to slip into the building unnoticed.

After many months, the fighting eventually subsided and peace once again returned to the realm. As Ishgard rebuilt, the number of orphans in the city-state eventually dwindled back to zero, and soon the wartime tradition was all but forgotten…

Until a group of former orphans gathered together in order to pay tribute to the knights who rescued them, and ensure that no one ever forgot their remarkable deeds. On the coldest week of each year, they would dress up in brilliant scarlet uniforms and pass out gifts to the children of the realm, in turn, passing along the happiness that they once received on a starlit night, many years past.

And that tradition lives on today in the Starlight Celebration.


Receive a Little Happiness

Each city-state has put up decorations for the festival, including trees, arches, and bells. By ringing the bells at the following locations, holiday helpers known as Smilebringers will present adventurers with one of several gifts:

Powdered Sugar
Young Dodo Roaster
Dodo Stuffing
Dream Hat Materials
Dream Tunic Materials
Dream Boots Materials

Create a Little Excitement

Players can use the gifts they receive to create festive items such as lavish outfits, scrumptious holiday sweets, and more!

Picture Item Required Skill Materials
starlight_dreamcap.png Dream Cap Weaver Rank 11-20 Dream Hat Materials, Dormouse Fur, Cotton Yarn
starlight_dreamtunic.png Dream Tunic Weaver Rank 11-20 Dream Tunic Materials,2 Circles of Dormouse Fur, Cotton Yarn
starlight_dreamboots.png Dream Boots Leatherworker Rank 11-20 Dream Boots Materials, Dormouse Fur, Antelope Sinew Cord
starlight_princesspudding.png Princess Pudding Culinarian Rank 1-10 Sunset Wheat Flour, Salted Butter, Chicken Egg, Cinnamon, Gridanian Walnut, La Noscea Orange, Blood Currants, Powdered Sugar
starlight_orefruitcake.png Ore Fruitcake Culinarian Rank 1-10 Sunset Wheat Flour, Salted Butter, Chicken Egg, Cinnamon, Raisins, Almonds, Sun Lemon, Powdered Sugar
starlight_snowflakepeak.png Snowflake Peak Culinarian Rank 11-20 Sunset Wheat Flour, Salted Butter, Chicken Egg, Buffalo Milk, 2 Rolanberries, Sweet Cream, Powdered Sugar
starlight_roastdodo.png Roast Dodo Culinarian Rank 21-30 Young Dodo Roaster, Rock Salt, Wild Onion, Salted Butter, Flatbread, Laurel, Cotton Yarn, Dodo Stuffing
starlight_starlightlog.png Starlight Log Culinarian Rank 31-40 Sunset Wheat Flour, Salted Butter, Chicken Egg, Bubble Chocolate, Almonds, Rolanberry, Sweet Cream, Powdered Sugar

Give a Little Smile of Your Own

Embrace the giving spirit by surprising a friend or stranger with a newly crafted Starlight Celebration creation!

Receive a twinklebox? Why not pass it along to one of Eorzea's less-fortunate children? There are NPCs in each of the six hamlets collecting donations, and presenting good Samaritans with Dream attire.

*There are a total of three pieces to the Dream attire set. As they are not exclusive, players may possess more than one of each piece.

Area Hamlet NPC
Western La Noscea (11,23) Aleport Tsimh Panipahr
Eastern La Noscea (31,18) Wineport Eyriguht
The Northern Shroud (25,14) Hyrstmill Blavier
The Southern Shroud (45,46) Quarrymill Imailie
Eastern Thanalan (38,19) The Gold Bazaar Adeldreda
Western Thanalan (13,35) The Silver Bazaar Gaganji

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