Sorceress War

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The Sorceress Wars - or more correctly Witch Wars - are, quite simply, wars in witch the major opponent was a Witch.
The first Witch War happened in an unknown time. Nothing else is known except that it happened.

Second Witch War

The second Witch War was initiated by Sorceress Adel, the then-leader of Esthar. It was mostly a battle between Galbadia and Esthar. Some time into the war, it was widely known that Adel was abducting small girls for unknown purposes. The war ended around 17 years ago (from the game), when Laguna Loire and his friends entered Esthar and started helping the resistance. He has been serving as the President of Esthar since he sealed Sorceress Adel away into space. This event also caused the radio signal interference around the world, and marked the time when Esthar became closed to the rest of the world.
During the second Sorceress War, the Lunatic Pandora was excavated. However, it was sunk into the sea shortly after the war.

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