Soil and Mist Summoning

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Final Fantasy Unlimited presents two different ways of Summoning. The Mist Summoning originates from Misteria and Soil Summoning from Windaria.
As there are many more worlds than just these two in Unlimited, it is possible that some methods of summoning weren't shown in the series.

Mist Summoning

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Used in episode Makenshi.

Soil Summoning

Soil summoning uses the essences of souls, or Soil, to summon forth creatures of oft-times incredible strength. This is done by loading a magun with three bullets of Soil. The magun then mixes the Soil in the bullets and shoots them forth, combining them into a Summon creature.
It is quite possible that the incantation used in the anime is required to activate the gun. It is provided below for reference. The incantation of course varies with each Summon, so the variations are provided in alphabetical order according to the Summon, as well as the episode where they appeared.

Soil is my strength! (the Magun activates) Magun has unfrozen.
The appropriate Soil to use against you has been decided! (loads the gun and says the incantation (below), and then shoots out the summon)

Bismarck: The one who tears apart boulders with its teeth - Sharp Grey! The one who envelops all thirst - Water Blue! And finally, the one who feeds on emptiness - Crusher White! Cry! Summon beast, Bismarck! (Episode Kigen Arts)
Ifrit: The grinding teeth of incandescence - Cardinal Red! The gale of red lotus flowers - Dark Crimson! Finally, the strength of steel - Burnt Sienna! Burn it all! Summon beast, Ifrit! (Episode Subway)
Ixion: The deep sleep that envelops earth - Steel Grey! The rising of boiling blood - Heat Crimson! And finally, the brilliance that pierces the darkness - Lightning Yellow! Cry! Summon beast, Ixion! (Episode Sid)
Phoenix: Origin of all - Mother Black! One that burns everything - Fire Red! And finally, one that is the critical point of all - Burning Gold. Burn! Summon beast, Phoenix! (Episode Wonderland)
Shiva: The cry of the dark spirit - Dark Green! The one that does not forgive creation - Virgin White! And finally, the one that freezes everything - Ice Blue. Shine! Summon beast, Shiva! (Episode Fruit)
Typhoon: More infinite than the open sky - Sky Blue! Perfection that pierces the earth - Grand Brown! And finally, a deception to twist reality - Magic Violet. Appear! Summon beast, Typhoon! (Episode Magun)

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