The energy of souls, transformed into a compact form. The person who gives Soil loses their life. Soil can be then used to summon by people of Windaria – this requires three different Soil bullets every time.
Currently, the only known person who can use Soil is Kaze.
There are many different colors for Soil, and it can be speculated that every person (or at least the most strong-willed ones) have a color of their own. The following are the known colors.

Acid Grey
Aero Black
Bright Silver
Burning Gold
Burnt Sienna
Cardinal Red
Chain Gold (Soljashy's Soil)
Crusher White
Curse White
Dark Crimson
Dark Green
Deep Vermilion
Destroy Black
Endless White
Fire Red
Gaia Brown
Gladius Red
Grand Brown
Heat Crimson
Holy Black
Horizon Gold
Ice Blue
Judgment White
Kingdom Blue
Lightning Yellow
Magic Violet
Maniac Purple
Marvelous Orange
Mother Black
Pain Blue
Photo Silver
Poison Black
Shadow Purple
Shark Grey
Silent Black
Sky Blue
Soul GunMetal (Kupo's Soil)
Steel Grey
Storm Blue
Sword Viridian
Tear Rainbow
Ultra Shocking Pink
Virgin White
Warrior Platinum
Water Blue

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