Serpent Generals
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The Serpent Generals are five generals personally charged by the Empress with the defense of the capital Al Zahbi in Aht Urhgan. Each have a name that corresponds with the symbols of the Empire – the five elemental snakes of fire, water, earth, wind, and the heavens. Each general possesses a mirror used to open the Hall of Binding.

The Generals

Each of the five generals can be found in Al Zahbi provided that the beastman armies haven't captured them. The names of the generals, their titles and their locations can be found below.
Note that during besieged, if a beastman army defeats a general, their mirror falls to the hands of the beastman armies until the general in question is rescued. Should all generals fall at the same time, the beastman armies gain control of the Astral Candescence, and its benefits are lost to the players until it is regained.

General Title Location
Gadalar Flameserpent General Springserpent Square
Mihli Aliapoh Waterserpent General Flameserpent Square
Najelith Galeserpent General Galeserpent Square
Rughadjeen Skyserpent General Ulthalam Parade
Zazarg Stoneserpent General Chocobo Alley


There is a series of quests concerning the generals. Completing all of them will net you the reward Mercenary Camp Entry Slip, which allows you to take a party to a level 60 cap fight against all five generals.
The quests are listed below in order. Note that completion of Ode to the Serpents requires the completion of its two sub-quests, When the Bow Breaks and Fist of the People.

Saga of the Skyserpent
Ode to the Serpents

Soothing Waters
Embers of His Past

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