Sending (異界送り [ikai okuri] or 'sending to the spiritworld' in Japanese) is a concept from Final Fantasy X, an action where the souls of the dead are sent to the Farplane so they won't become fiends. Only very rare people can avoid becoming fiends if they aren't sent. For example, if a person has strong feelings and unfinished business in the world of the living they become Unsent instead.

There are several examples of a sending in FF10. The first of them (pictured) seems to be more of a performance while completing the ritual, this may be due to the benefit of the grieving family and neighbors who are watching the sending. This instance is the only one that happens while walking on water. Another explanation for this is that the people who died died in the water, making it necessary to perform the sending on water as well.
Other instances of sendings are much quicker affairs, although the basic motions of the sending are the same in each case.

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