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The Selkie (セルキー [selkie] in Japanese) are a human-like race (or Tribe, as they are referred to in the games) in the Crystal Chronicles world. They appear to be about the size of Clavats, although often with a slimmer build (and Selkie females with their notably large chests) and differently colored hair. It is often either a bright red or some other bright color, or a muted grey/green/pink or blonde, depending on the game.
Selkie often seem to decorate themselves with tribal tattoos. The females also often wear the traditional selkic plated kilts of their own tribes, and appear to use makeup. A great part of the Selkic race are nomads, and better attuned to nature than any other race in the games they appear in. They are also described as selfish, and quite often end up as thieves, sometimes teaming up in bands and roaming the world in search of loot.

Long ago, the Selkie lived in Rebena Te Ra, beneath which lay the Great Crystal. However, 2,000 years before the start of Crystal Chronicles1, the Crystal broke to pieces in a meteor impact, and the world became filled with Miasma and monsters. The hundreds of years following that, Selkie scattered to all corners of the world along with the other races.

Unlike the other races, Selkie didn't find a place to settle down. During the age of the great wars (around 700 years before Crystal Chronicles), the Selkie became disillusioned and lost their fate in the other races. Some started searching for their promised land and continued being nomads, while others settled down in Leuda. The nomads eventually became bands of thieves, and after the other three races warred against them, a good portion of them settled down in the cities of other races.

The Selkie names are simple to construct. They are always in two parts, both of which include one syllable or more, although the first part is most often only one. Some examples of Selkie names are Fu Kuroo, Gan Noo, Momo Fi, Ra Sena and May Coon.

Crystal Chronicles


In Crystal Chronicles the Selkie had hair of muted colors, varying between grey, green, blue and pink, although some had bright blond hair. Otherwise they are the same as the Selkie in other games, aside from their frequency. Selkie in Crystal Chronicles were more often seen than in almost any other game since.
Each character model has a 'tribe name' to go with it. In the picture to the right, these are (from left to right and top to bottom) Wolf Head (うるふへっど [wolfhead]), Shark Eye (しゃーくあい [sharkeye]), Bear Fist (べあふぃすと [bearfist]), Raccoon Tail (らくんてーる [raccoontail]), Wolf Leg (うるふれっぐ [wolfleg]), Raccoon Tail, Shark Eye and Owl Neck (おうるねっく [owlneck]).

Selkie, in addition to being viewed as nomads and thieves, are also strongly connected with fishing. The only Selkie village shown in the game is Leuda, a fishing village on the Linali Island. The default Selkie player character names are Mu Zsika and Lu Ge, and other Selkie prominently featured are Bal Dat, De Nam, Hana Kohl and Dah Yis.

As a player character the Selkie use rackets in battle, and their Force Attacks are often ranged. They're also quick, their Force Attack charge takes a shorter time than any other race.

Population in the World

The following numbers are percentage of Selkie in the population of cities and towns in Crystal Chronicles.2 The numbers are counted based on the characters displayed in the game. Naturally, the percentage for Tipa could not be calculated.

Leuda: 91%
Marr's Pass: 14%
Fields of Fum: 6%
Shella: 6%
Alfitaria: 3%

Game Mechanic Details

Starting Stats
HP 8
MAG 12

Default Preferred Foods (from most to least liked)
Striped Apple
Rainbow Grapes
Cherry Cluster
Star Carrot
Round Corn
Gourd Potato

Ring of Fates

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Echoes of Time

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Crystal Bearers

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My Life as a King

In My Life as a King, although set in time almost directly after the original game, there are very few Selkie. In fact, Selkie as residents of Padarak are only available with if you buy downloadable content. However, this could be because the old kingdom was mainly a Clavat city.

The Selkie in the game greatly resemble (in fact, are identical in character models) to the Selkie in Crystal Chronicles. The residents, adventurers, and visitors to the kingdom of Padarak are all female Selkie. Male Selkie do not exist in the game, although they are talked about occasionally. One of the topics the daughter of a family can talk about is wishing a Selkie male would visit, since they are known to be quite good-looking.
There are no pure Selkie in My Life as a King. However, Chancellor Chime is a half-Selkie, half-Clavat, and the Dark Lord is rumored to have been a male Selkie before being corrupted by the Miasma.

Selkie cannot change jobs in the game, and are instead always Thieves. They will start with the job ability Keen Eyes already learnt.

Selkie Residence

The Selkie residence in My Life as a King is called a Selkie Hut. It will house three people, a mother and two daughters. One of these daughters is an aspiring adventurer. The house is available for building after completing the dungeon Axilla Cinderwood.

My Life as a Darklord

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