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The Seeress was the leader of the ancient Paddrans, the people of the Farseers. She had the Eyes of Etro and thus could see the future and the past, and lead her people according to her prophecies, which she recorded in oracle drives.
Each seeress looked the same, sounded the same, and had the same name - Paddra Nsu Yeul. She would die young, and each time she died she would be reborn shortly to lead her people. She was watched over by her Guardian. She also caused the destruction of the city of Paddra with her prophecies. Once she realized this, she set aside her crown and her title and left with her Guardian. Even so, she continued being reborn, all to the ends of time.

Words of the Seeress

This is a collection of prophecies by the Seeress. You can read all of them in Final Fantasy 13-2 by gathering the fragment items Book of Avalon, Book of Shambala and Book of Valhalla.

Book of Avalon

Hark, and hear the secret words of the Farseers.
Only those blessed with chaos by the goddess may travel the portals of time. Even the fal'Cie, with all their great power, could not enchant the blessed and make them turn against the goddess. The goddess's protection is nearly absolute.

Book of Shambala

Hark, and hear the true words of the Farseers.
On the day that the power of the l'Cie shook Cocoon from the sky, the goddess took pity on the people, forgave them their sins, and reached out a hand of salvation. In that instant, two sisters were touched by Valhalla's might, and chaos was settled deep in their hearts. The symbol of Valhalla that shines on their garb is proof of their status.

Book of Valhalla

Hark, and hear the sacred words of the Farseers.
The weak must obey the strong. This is the inviolable law of Valhalla. Each monster that falls in battle becomes the servant of the victor. For those whose hearts brim full with chaos, the power to bend monsters to their will extends beyond the borders of the Unseen Realm.

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