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A Scion is a word used in Final Fantasy XII and its related games to refer to certain types of servants of the gods. Around half of the known Scions can be summoned to fight by your side for a brief time, in the form of Espers (FF12, FFTA) or Scions (FFTA2). In addition, some of the Scions of darkness, known as the Lucavi, are the main opponents in Final Fantasy Tactics.

The Scions are of two types, the Scions of light and darkness, and the two types were created in opposition to one another. It's unclear what exactly this means, but each Scion of darkness has a corresponding Scion of light and vice versa. However, two Scions were created independent, and bear neither the moniker of light nor of darkness.
The 'gods' referred to in the Scion myths are also known as the Occuria.

Scion Myths

According to the legends, as far as we know them, the Scions were created to aid the gods in governing the 'real' world (mortal realm) and the Underworld, perhaps other worlds as well. Each was given a specific job to fulfill, and indeed were created with that job in mind so they would be able to fulfill it properly.

At the time of creation when the gods saw what they had created, some Scions were deemed hideous or too dangerous and either banished or bound. Some grew too dangerous or errant during the course of their duty and the same happened to them. See the pages of the individual Scions to read their stories.
It's unknown if this happened to Scions of light, all known legends concerning the Scions, aside from their names, are of Scions of darkness.

At one time, the High Seraph Ultima, the fairest Scion of them all, rebelled against the gods. Many Scions of darkness joined her in her rebellion. It is said that her golden wings instead shone black as she rose against the gods. And for all her power and might, Ultima fell before the gods, and together with her co-conspirators were banished from their presence.

It is unknown when these mythical events transpired. However, the reign of the Occuria was set at an unknown time before the rule of the Dynast King Raithwall, who lived some time 700+ years in the past from the events of FF12.

The Scions

Each known Scion and their title are listed here. Each Scion also corresponds to a zodiac sign, so they have been listed in the zodiacal order. Note that the duty section only lists the intended duty of the Scion of Darkness, as no such information is known about the Scions of Light.

For the Zodiacal order, the order corresponding to the real-world 13-sign zodiac is used. This may or may not correspond with Ivalician calendar's 13-sign zodiac.

Zodiac Sign Scion of Light Scion of Darkness Duty
Aries, the Ram Transcendent Loghrif Belias, the Gigas Guardian of the Holy Realm
Taurus, the Bull Mitron, the Chastiser Chaos, Walker of the Wheel Tutelary of the sacred crystals during the Great Making
Gemini, the Twins Emet-Selch, Angel of Truth Zalera, the Death Seraph Judging men upon their death
Cancer, the Crab Knight-Star Pashtarot Zeromus, the Condemner Upholder of holy order, condemner of criminals who break that order
Leo, the Lion Fandaniel, the Protector Hashmal, Bringer of Order Wielder and manipulator of the laws of the world
Virgo, the Maiden Ultima, the High Seraph Guiding souls to heaven and aiding in their reincarnation
Libra, the Scales Halmarut, the Arbiter Exodus, the Judge-Sal Watch over the world from afar and judge the value of all things
Scorpio, the Scorpion Nabriales, the Majestic CĂșchulainn, the Impure Swallow all impurities within the world
Ophiuchus, the Snake Bearer Zodiark, Keeper of Precepts Fashioning the laws that govern all things and administering punishment in place of the gods
Sagittarius, the Archer Martyr Igeyorhm Shemhazai, the Whisperer Control souls that wander the Underworld
Capricorn, the Goat Deudalephon, the Benevolent Adrammelech, the Wroth Quell the fiends of the Underworld
Aquarius, the Water Bearer Holy Queen Emmerololth Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud (unknown)
Pisces, the Fish Abyssal Celebrant Lahabrea Mateus, the Corrupt Protector of those who live in the Underworld

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