Saronian Civil War

The Saronian Civil War was started by King Gorn of Saronia while he was under the control of Gigameth, his supposed aide. Gigameth had the goal of bringing utter destruction and chaos into the kingdom.

What happened is that one day the king divided the armies of Saronia into two and made them fight each other. Every soldier who disobeyed orders was to be executed on the spot, although many (presumably most) would have rather not fought. However, the king's orders were absolute.
During the war the king's son Alus Restor was exiled from the castle. This eventually brought the end of the war, as the young prince met the Warriors of Light while in exile and brought them into the castle. Within the castle Gigameth had king Gorn attack prince Alus, but he stabbed himself in the chest instead, bringing an end to Gigameth's mind control. The king died of his wound, but not before Gigameth was defeated by the Warriors.
With his last breath, king Gorn wished for prince Alus to bring peace to Saronia. After this, not only did Alus end the civil war, but he aspired to bring peace to the whole world as well.

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