Saints are certain honorable individuals in Final Fantasy XIV. Whether they're real historic people or simply stories originally is unknown, but they're honored as guardians of people in Eorzea. While the Twelve are more guardians of the people in general, saints seem to look over the daily lives of Eorzeans - according to stories at least.

The saints perform important enough duties for the people of Eorzea, that the All Saints' Wake, an autumn festival, takes place because of them. It's said that on that day, the Twelve summon the patron saints to wine and dine with them, leaving the people of Eorzea without protection for the night of the Wake. People in turn closet themselves in their homes and wait for sunrise when they'll have the blessings of the saints to look after them again.

The Known Saints

The patron saints are depicted in the guildleve plates. Most of their names and stories are unknown, although a few are listed below.

Saint Daniffen's leve is Valor, and he is depicted as killing a basilisk. The leve symbolises using might to defeat fearsome beasts.

Saint Moergynn is depicted in the Constancy guildleve, sharpening a dull blade. It's a leve of working diligently in your craft to gain results.

Saint Tothor's leve is Diligence, working hard to solve the daily troubles in people's lives, gaining you no valor or fame. In the leve plate he is depicted exterminating mice.<ref>The official description says mice, although the leve plate itself seems to picture long-eared rodents like marmots.</ref>

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