Rubicus (朱の目録 [aka no mokuroku] or 'vermillion record') is a book of records in the Crystarium of the Akademeia in Final Fantasy Type-0. It records most aspects of gameplay, including the number of attacks of certain types done by each playable character, the number of each type of enemy defeated, the number of times each Eidolon has been summoned, and much more.

Aside from the gameplay statistics, character bios, enemy descriptions, and character models can be viewed within the Rubicus. Each entry is unlocked upon fulfilling the conditions for it, such as reaching a certain point in the story, obtaining alternate costumes, encountering the type of enemy, etc.



Annals of Orience
Includes various short descriptions of major events in history and during gameplay, and functions as a place to review cutscenes already seen.

Historical Personae
Character bios, battle statistics, and last memories of sublimated l'Cie. The major character entries also tend to include general explanations of the world.

Eidolon Arcana
Eidolon descriptions and battle statistics. Note that the descriptions can be found on the Eidolons' own pages. Eidolons themselves are listed here.

Enemy Compendium
Enemy descriptions and battle statistics. The descriptions can be found on the enemies' own pages. Enemies themselves are listed here.

Record of Service
Contains Task descriptions. The descriptions can be found on the Tasks' own pages, and they can be found listed here.

Code of Akademeia
Contains the gameplay tutorials of the game.

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