Royal Arms

The Royal Arms (ファントムソード [phantom sword] in Japanese) are a collection of weapons once wielded by Lucian kings in Final Fantasy XV. When a king dies, it has been a Lucian tradition to bury their weapon with them. In this way, any future king can go around gathering them for use with their Armiger magic.

It is unknown how (and if) the once-obtained Royal Arms end up back in the tombs for any future kings to gather. It does appear that when a king (or prince) obtains a Royal weapon, it is physically taken out of the tomb. If all kings did indeed do this, the weapons (or at least, some of the weapons) must have been returned to the right tombs after the king that gathered them up dies. Otherwise, there would be no weapons left for Noctis to gather during the game. Either most kings did not gather Royal Arms or the weapons are returned upon the current king's death.

It is unknown what exactly makes the Royal Arms special in this way, but wielding them in the game costs HP1. The only one that doesn't have this feature is the Engine Blade, which is a sword specifically made for Noctis and doesn't technically count as one of the Royal Arms yet since it is his own weapon.

Since there have been 113 Lucian kings throughout history, there must be 113 weapons out there total, although it is said during the game that most of the locations of the tombs have been lost. It is quite possible that some weapons have been completely destroyed as time went on. It bears noting however, that the Royal Arms wielded by king Regis in Kingsglaive differ from those eventually obtained by his son Noctis in the duration of Final Fantasy XV. These goes some way to proving that more than just the 13 weapons present in the game are still accessible.

Below is a list of the known Royal Arms, each of which can be found during the game. it bears noting that one of them is not in fact a a weapon of Lucian kings, but the Trident passed down from Oracle to Oracle throughout the ages. Nevertheless, it functions exactly like other Royal Arms do.

Weapon Type Location Obtain
Sword of the Wise Sword The Weaverwilds Main story/overworld
Axe of the Conqueror Polearm Keycatrich Trench Main story/dungeon
Bow of the Clever Bow Balouve Mines Dungeon
Swords of the Wanderer Dual Swords Greyshire Glacial Grotto Main story/dungeon
Blade of the Mystic Longsword Disc of Cauthess Main story/overworld
Star of the Rogue Shuriken Myrlwood Dungeon
Sword of the Tall Greatsword Costlemark Tower
(orig. Kettier Highland)
(orig. overworld)
Shield of the Just Shield Thommels Glade Overworld
Mace of the Fierce Mace Rock of Ravatogh Dungeon
Scepter of the Pious Staff Malmalam Thicket Dungeon
Trident of the Oracle Polearm Ghorovas Rift Main story/overworld
Katana of the Warrior Katana Fodina Caestino Main story/dungeon
Sword of the Father Sword Zegnautus Keep Main story/dungeon

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