A Rood (ホーリーウィン [holy win] in Japanese) is a kind of a cross in Vagrant Story. It can refer to two things - the Rood of St Iocus or the Rood Inverse. Both of these share the same shape, only the Rood Inverse is upside down.
The Rood of St Iocus in its most prominent position in the game is the tattoo on priestess Mullenkamp's back, symbolizing her roots in the Church of St Iocus and her position as a heretic. Due to her influence, the Rood Inverse is the holy symbol of the Cult of Mullenkamp, and is also tattooed on Sydney Losstarot's back, him being the highest leader of the cult. Both his and lady Mullenkamp's tattoos are said to be the symbol that ties them to the powers of the Dark.

The Rood also appears in Final Fantasy XII in one of the Esper Zalera's spells. The word itself is an old English word meaning crucifix, especially a large one set in a church. Note that the Japanese name of the Rood is Holy Win, which name was carried over even to the English version through the name of a weapon.

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