A Riskbreaker is an agent from the VKP (Valendian Knights of Peace) in Vagrant Story, and part of the Dangerous Criminal Task Force within it. They are the best fighters the country has to offer, with lightning fast reflexes and utter devotion to their missions. Riskbreakers are sent to the most grueling and difficult missions that others wouldn't even dream of trying, and their turnover rate is extremely high due to death.
In Vagrant Story, you follow the story of one Riskbreaker, called Ashley Riot. He is the most successful Riskbreaker ever, with an unblemished record of 100 completed missions, a feat that no other has come even close to reaching.

In Final Fantasy XII, Riskbreaker was one of the clan rank titles, achieved by gaining 200,000 clan points and taking down at least 16 Marks.

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