Ring of the Lucii (Encyclopedia)

The Ring of the Lucii (光耀の指輪 [kouyou no yubiwa] or 'shining ring' in Japanese) is an ancient mysterious ring in Final Fantasy XV. Some of its capabilities are unknown, although below details what we do know. It houses the spirits of the Lucian kings of history, and is connected to the Crystal.



The Ring of the Lucii was forged by the Astrals around 2,000 years ago1 in response to the Starscourge threat, for the purpose of controlling the power of the Crystal that was formed out of the planet at the same time. It was then bestowed along with the Crystal to the Lucis bloodline, either to Ardyn Lucis Caelum or his younger brother the Founder King. The Ring did end up with the Founder King and his direct descendants, but Ardyn may in fact have had it first at the very least briefly, as it is known the Crystal refused to give its power to him, and to wield the power of the Crystal one needs the Ring.

Throughout the intervening 2,000 years the Ring was passed down along the Lucis line. The 113th king Regis handed the Ring to the Oracle Lunafreya to deliver to his son Noctis, the Chosen King who would end the Scourge and bring back the dawn. Before this objective was met however, it briefly granted its power first to the glaive Nyx Ullric in defense of the crown city, and then to Ignis Stupeo Scientia in defense of Noctis himself. It is unknown if the Ring had approved of any people not of the Lucis line before these events.

Once in possession of Noctis, he eventually wore the ring, gained the full power of the Crystal, and became the Chosen King.

The Power

There are various manifestations of the power of the Ring. First and foremost, it channels the power of the Crystal, allowing the wearer to boost their physical capabilities, gives them various powers like the power to erect a magical unpenetrable barrier around an entire city or transfer the souls of Lucian kings to the statues strewn about the city of Insomnia, and giving the wielder access to Ring magic. Secondly, it houses the souls of the dead kings of Lucis, who work as arbiters of who is worthy of wielding the ring and its power while waiting to fulfill their part in saving the world.

Wielding the power of the Ring drains the user's life. Even the rightful kings of the Lucis line will eventually be drained by it, but everyone else given access to the power is drained much faster. Even those not approved by the Lucian kings are burnt by just briefly placing the ring on their finger.

Ring Magic

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