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This page presents the chronological timeline of events in Ring of Fates. Note that there are two different major continuations in the game. The original continuity is played through in the singleplayer portions of the game, while the multiplayer side offers a look into the final continuation. It is never explicitly mentioned which timeline the other FFCC games continue from, but from hints such as the color of the moon (blue-green in later installments, whereas in the singleplayer story it starts out as red and becomes blue at the ending), it may be deduced that they continue from the final timeline.

See also Crystal Chronicles world timeline for the timeline of the entire world instead of just the plot of Ring of Fates.

Constructing the Timeline

Note that there is some room for debate about the exact years some things happened. This section provides a look at the facts and logic used to construct the details of the events concerning Ring of Fates.


The Ghost Girl
Stiltzkin comes to visit Latov
Stiltzkin arranges a training session for the twins Yuri and Chelinka in the Hill Caves, and the two meet the ghost of Tilika Tawantyn
(following day)
Alhanalem crafts a pendant for Chelinka's crystal
Latov takes the twins to Rebena Te Ra
Artemicion founds the Mog Mart at Rebena Te Ra
The twins meet Teteo's ghost again at the Old Town

A Journey Starts (a day or several later)
The twins accompany Alhanalem up Mount Vaal
Stiltzkin leaves once again on his journey
Cu Chaspel arrives to take away Chelinka, and kills Latov. Temple guards take away Alhanalem, and Meeth Crym is stuffed into a pot and ends up in Rela Cyel
Yuri and Chelinka activate their powers and banish Cu Chaspel, but Chelinka becomes mute and unresponsive as an aftereffect

Young Twins

Finding Companions
Chelinka awakes from her trance, although is still unable to speak
At Rebena Te Ra, Blackguard starts collecting crystals from citizens, supposedly in order to prevent them from becoming red and attracting monsters
Artemicion leaves on a journey to get more stock for his Mog Mart
Yuri and Chelinka rescue Alhanalem from within a red crystal on Mount Vaal
After finding out about an Alhanalem-impersonator at the Rebena Te Ra castle, the group decides to head out to Abyssus Forest to find out information for the king
Gnath decides to tag along after the twins and Alhanalem cure his poisoning, and aids with defeating the Carniflower that was plaguing the forest
When reporting to King Kolka about the Forest's re-established condition, the King suddenly gains a headache when trying to recall the past
The twins and their companions head to Rela Cyel to find proof of Alhanalem's identity, and find Meeth
While finding a way out of Rela Cyel, the building starts to crumble around them, and Yuri ends up freezing time on the crumbling ceiling
The group finds their way to the Crystal chamber, where Yuri almost dies due to using the twins' power. Responding to Chelinka's desperate scream, Tilika's ghost appears and saves Yuri with the magic woven into her cloak
At the Castle, King Kolka regains his senses and recognizes Alhanalem and Meeth upon seeing Tilika's cloak, and finds a key within the cloak
Cu Chaspel attacks King Kolka, takes the key, and calls guards while saying the twins' group attacked the king

The Truth of Things
Yuri, Chelinka and the others are sent to Kilanda Isle as punishment for attacking the king
When the group reaches the top of the volcano, it starts erupting and they fall down a hole in the ground. They awaken in the realm of the dead
Lich possesses the spirit of Latov and the group has to fight them. After Lich's defeat, Carbuncle sends them to a trip to Latov's memories of the night Rela Cyel fell to provide his ailing spirit relief
After Latov's soul is healed, Carbuncle sends the group to the Great Crystal below Rebena Te Ra. Aboveground, the fake Alhanalem has put the whole castle to sleep
Tilika's ghost breaks the fake Alhanalem's curse on king Kolka, and she is revealed as the Lich
King Kolka leads an assault on the Lunites of the Crystal Temple, overpowering everyone else but Galdes and Cu Chaspel
The twins and their companions head out to the Temple at twilight and defeat Cu Chaspel
On top of the Temple, the group finds Aleria's soul encased in crimson crystal, and Chelinka reverts back to her unresponsive state

The Alternate Timelines
The group defeats hierophant Galdes for the first time, but the solar eclipse starts and Galdes recovers
With his new powers, Galdes sends the group to a tour of alternate timelines, but Yuri and Chelinka overcome it together, and in a world where king Kolka lost the battle Yuri and Chelinka head back to the Crystal Temple to encounter Galdes
One by one, Alhanalem, Meet and Gnath all remember they need to meet the twins and head to the Temple to their aid
Galdes is enraged by the group's appearance and tries and fails to find a world where Yuri faces him alone
After several battles with Galdes, Chelinka interfers from within the Great Crystal's memory, offering Yuri the chance to choose what he wants the world to be. Yuri chooses to have Galdes have no other choice but to repeat the moment of his defeat over and over again
Yuri and Chelinka emerge in a world where king Kolka defeated Galdes, the two of them never met Gnath, Meeth or Alhanalem, the last of which is busy starting the rebuilding of Rela Cyel
After checking up with the local king Kolka, the two head home. Upon arriving, Yuri collapses due to too short lifespan for using his powers. When he is on the brink of death, Chelinka uses her powers again and disappears in golden light, giving up the rest of her soul save Yuri
Yuri is transported to the time when Chelinka gets a pendant for her crystal. As the young Chelinka picks up her pendant and the old Chelinka's, the glow of the older pendant is restored. The young Chelinka then aids Yuri's soul to a world where the two of them are children, and neither Latov, Aleria or Tilika ever died2

The New World

Childhood Again
Gnash lurks about by the Villa and leaves an arrow taro on Alhanalem's head
Stiltzkin comes to visit Latov
Artemicion leaves on a trip, leaving the Mog Mart in the hands of one of his underlings

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